Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mercurial Me

So, I decided it was time to lighten things up and brighten my blog a bit. I really liked the last look but it was getting pretty tough on my old eyeballs. Damn. I have old eyeballs...

I have a question. Back in 2008, at my heaviest, I weighed between 420 and 430 pounds. Huh? Between? How can you weigh between? Let me 'splain, Lucy. At that time, I owned an analog dial scale that had a 400 pound capacity and when I would torture step on it, it would whirl up, up, up, up and past 400 then come to a grinding halt at 420, 426, 430, 435, 424... You get the idea. It wasn't exactly fabulously accurate past it's stated capacity. So, in the interest of fairness I peg my top weight ever at 420 pounds. I suppose I could claim 430 tho why I would want to...

That year (2008) I lost about sixty pounds and then got off track, started spouting all of my old, stupid excuses to myself and gained almost all of it back, again. By this February, when I started this blog, I was back up to about 400, again. I didn't know for certain, since I had murdered my scale, stomping back on it by accident and killing it. But, from the way my bod looked and felt, my clothes "fit" and so forth, I knew I was about 400. And I also figured it by my average weight loss, after I got my fab digital scale.

Anyhoozle... Do I count total weight lost from my attempt in 2008 which, if I did I have lost a total of 85 pounds. Or, do I start figuring it from 400 pounds, the closest I can figure I weighed when I began this blog back in February, which would make my total lost so far 65 pounds (and change... I am not bothering with the .whatever at this moment). So, what do you think, oh, wise and wonderful ones? Do I get to claim the whole enchilada or just most of it?

My head is a little calmer. I am down to a Cat 2. Part of that could be the Aleve I took for my hip. We'll see how it is, in the morning. I am thinking of trying a combination of glucosamine and Omega 3 for my hips and see if they help. I know I need to get in and see a doc and I will... When I feel ready to face it. The doc and weight and so forth, you know. *rolling my eyes*

Want to hear something crazy? I am thinking about learning how to use the built in web cam in my laptop and trying to shoot a vlog, one day. Thinking about it... So not ready to go there, just yet. Posting still pictures is hard enough, right now. lol

Psycho is on again. That movie has been running a lot, lately. I know a few people I'd like to go off all Norman Bates on. Like the asshole who was behind Tammy in the supermarket the other day! Some people seriously don't need to be out in public among decent people. I mean, really!

That mosquito bite on my arm is making me insane! I feel like chewing my arm off above the bite.


  1. love to see a vlog. And quite frankly, I shouldn't have been let out of the house today I was so p*ssy.

  2. In interest of accuracy, I'd go with the weight you were when you began this venture, my friend. You have really been losing and I am so very proud of you. I personally think the addition of walking is an excellent one!

  3. Please don't chew off your arm. Can you imagine how many calories that thing has??? But on the "other hand" think of how much it probably weighs - that would be a pretty good scale victory! I'm undecided now. Use your judgment, mine is obviously not ok.


    I think the supplements are worth a try. Glucosamine (sp?) works for a lot of people. Not me, as my joints tend to slip out of place more when I use it. You know I love my Omegas. Everybody's different. All you can do is try!

    I would totally mark my weight loss from the higher number. Why? Because it's more impressive and shows that you are even MORE of a superstar! Give yourself credit for all that hard work you did! Especially since you had to do it twice!

    I doubt you'll ever see me do a vlog. Not even on my radar.

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  4. oh, btw, Mercury is in retrograde.

  5. I say claim the whole enchilada. There is bona fide claimness in that loss. You lost it, you claim it. Claim it! that's just my 2 cents.

  6. Oh, heck yeah, I'd go with the highest weight. After all, it is where you came from.....doesn't matter how or when you left that number behind, it just matters that you did it! I really like the new blog look.

  7. My vote is the whole and entire enchilada!! You did it, girl - own it!! I LOVE the new pretty site - butterflies are a favorite of mine!! And, please don't chew off your arm - blogging might get a little tough!

    Please see the Dr about that hip - that is how it started with me. I was diagnosed with RA, and now that I am on right meds, episodes like hip stuff come less often.

  8. I vote to claim the big loss. But this is your space. You decide, baby! Either way, it is GREAT!

  9. Hi Erika,
    Thanks for finding my blog and starting to follow me. I will do the same for you. I am honestly amazed at the incredible support for all of us on our weight loss journeys through blogging. I am with you about THIS is it in terms of my regaining health journey. It feels different, too. For one, I am out of denial and have accepted the fact that regaining health is lifelong. Congratulations on your success so far. Your new follower, Michele

  10. I always say something like "59 pounds total, but 27 since I got serious about it" - you lost all 85 of those pounds girl, give yourself that credit!


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