Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Hate That Kid

I. Seriously. Hate. Him. You see, he isn't mine. He belongs to a neighbour. A neighbour who thinks that it is perfectly all right for their son to sit at a drum set out on their porch and play it at top volume for hours. Often beginning before eight fucking A.M. On a Sunday. After school. In the evenings when we are trying to enjoy a nice breeze and a quiet evening. It is drums. Drums. Drums.

And you know... If the kid were even halfway decent it might not be so bad. But I am sorry to be the one that has to say this... The kid. Sucks.

Big, green donkey dicks.


And every time he goes out there to pound and pound and crash and pound, I want to go out there and pound him.

Into the ground.

He doesn't get any better. He practices until my walls and windows rattle and I am contemplating burning that house down and he isn't getting any better. He learns new rhythms, new riffs, new cymbal crashes but his overall playing quality...

Sucks. And it never improves, no matter how much he practices.

And he plays so loud that with all of my double paned windows closed tight, my air and fans on, it still sounds as if he is practically inside my house.

When I start feeling as if I want to shout really rude, nasty things out my window at him, I have to remind myself to consider the source. These are people who think nothing of making so much noise that no one within a mile radius can hear themselves think. Kids running around all over the place, shouting and screaming, the Little Drummer Boy pounding, pounding, pounding and crashing, a chain saw going, going, going, country music at a decibel level that would make a 777 sound quiet all at once. (I am not inferring that country music fans are terrible, loud, unkind neighbours. Just these particular country music fans. There are plenty of rock fans who are just as horridly

So, I am assuming that these people don't give a flying fuck that little Timmy (not his name, as far as I know) is driving their neighbours utterly batshit insane with his drums.

Well, I feel a little better. Guess I just needed to get that out. lol

Food is going well, today. And I am hydrating well. Good old Crystal Light. Gotta love it. And I think it is helping my puff. I have some puff but it isn't as bad as I think it otherwise would be. Of course, I could just be nuts. We didn't walk last night because Husband got home from work so late. Hopefully he will get his ass home a little earlier, tonight. He knows that this is important.

BRB, dog has to go out...

There. She went out to do all of her doodies. She will be having her dinner, soon.

I have a piece of chicken out for mine. And some Summer squash hanging out in my crisper. If it isn't raining, later I will fire up my grill and grill them. Nom, nom, nom.

Weigh in tomorrow. I wonder what awaits me? I can feel changes in my bod, so regardless of the number, I know that things are going well. But it would be nice to see that reflected in the number on my scale.

Head is bad, today. Banging and stabbing and making me wish that I could just pass out and make it go away.


  1. ugh. Seems like you might have grounds to make a noise complaint!

  2. OMG - big green donkey dicks. This is so not funny for you - but funny to read. LOVE your new picture - OMG - it's freaking stunning and look at your skinny side profile. Love it and love you - and I'm so going to miss you. You don't give up when I'm gone and be sure to log those miles and workouts okay? Promise??

  3. OMG I would lose my mind. Our old neighbors had boys who installed speakers in cars, imagine what we listened to day in, day out. Ugh. About to go walk, have a nice evening! I am happy my air conditioner is fixed, finally!

  4. Isn't there a noise ordinance? Call the police non-emergency number and ask them - usually before 8 am or after 9 pm you can't make that much noise. I can't remember if you live in a house, condo, apartment, but if you are renting don't be afraid to complain to the landlord. I"m sure you wouldn't be the only one in the neighborhood.

    Hang in there.

  5. I just spit water on my computer! Hilarious... because I'm not living next door to Travis Barker Jr. Yikes!

  6. Ahahaha i hate my neighbours kids too! God damnn them all.

  7. That is unreal. We used to have similar neighbors. They let their kid play his set in their freakin' garage, with the door open. I'd get myself a few drumsticks, wait until they are asleep and then start your own little drum solo on a window or door to their house lol!

  8. sorry. Maybe you could go talk to his parents and they could find a new place to have him practice?
    earplugs are a good thing too.

  9. I promise, Draz. I am going to miss you, too.

    Kristi, I am so glad that you got your A/C fixed. It is way too hot where you live to do without it.

    I thought about calling the police and I will if he plays too early in the morning, again. I honestly don't believe that talking to his parents will do any good. They can be just as noisy, in their own way.

    I live in a condo, these people live in a house a few houses up the easement road from us.

  10. Oh my. My son plays drums and I was careful to tell him not to disturb the neighbors by playing outside. I got my son an electric drum kit that he can get all the same sounds, but can plug in earphones. They sell them in music stores everywhere. They should invest in one for their son. Maybe you can suggest that to them while telling them that his pounding is affecting the peace of the whole neighborhood.

  11. Aww, nothing worse than horrible neighbors. You should sneak over and break his drums.

  12. That is some funny stuff... You should get a loan for 900.00 and go to your local music store and buy yourself a Ludwig drum set in green sparkle paint. and set up on your lawn facing " rock twerp" and start pounding away at 500 am.. Maybe then the dimwits will understand. I play drums and I am a girl its a blast and great exercise.. that little twerp will be so dumbfounded he wont know what to do.. and if he doesnt stop his drumming atleast you have a new hobby.. lol


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