Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grey Day in the Grand Canyon State

Rest day 2. I am getting around a lot better and not hurting nearly as much. I am hoping that by tomorrow I can get back out there and rack up some more miles. I miss walking and I can feel myself rusting from the inside. If I have to, I will walk a day, rest a day. I just want to be able to go.

Food is even better today. I had a pretty good day yesterday but a little too much snacking. I find snacking easier on weekends. For some reason, having Husband and Son around seems to trigger my need to feed. I wonder why? Maybe they stress me. I am a stress eater. Hmmm...

It has been cloudy most of the day and the stinking humidity is way up, again. I was hoping for a good storm and plenty of rain. We might as well enjoy a nice storm, in payment for having to put up with all this sticky nonsense.

Aaaand... My mind has gone blank as a refrigerator door. lol


  1. Stress is intricately involved with all of our eating problems, I'm convinced. For some, stress will dry up all appetites--sex, food, any one of the fleshly pleasure. For others, stress increases them, with food being the commonest thing to smooth out the tension in our bodies. My binge was not just hunger--it was stress, too.

    I'm proud of you. You haven't binged. You've kept it together. I know how hard that is, and how tough you are.

  2. Omega 3's, I'm tellin ya! They help my hips! Keep moving that upper body even when the hips are being meanies!

    Hope the humidity clears up by tomorrow. We had a nice day in the high 70's here. Good and breezy too!

  3. We've been having great weather. Finally have some coolness, but not so much so that I can't swim.

    I hope by the time you read this your hip will be feeling groovy.

  4. I today feel great sympathy with you. I ran yesterday and then walked I just knew I should have not gone out this morning I was right. I struggled for the last two miles and now I feel tired. Bu the really good news is I am now down to 11 stone that is 70kg not bad from 82kg not so long ago. I got into a pair of jeans I have not worn in ages .

  5. Blank minds think alike. I used to run every other day and it seems to be a schedule that works pretty well. Hoping that today finds you feeling good with a respite from humidity.


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