Monday, August 30, 2010

This Chica is Going

I got in another two miles out at the lake, tonight, We decided to walk Kickass Trail instead of Normal Trail. Kickass has a long, steady, gradual climb on the way out, then a long, steep, windy downhill all the way to the bridge. We went nearly to the bridge and turned around. We wanted to go farther but it was getting dark and we had to skedaddle back to the Jeep.

I walked a fast pace, for me and I kept it up, even on the climbs. The climb out wasn't as difficult, since it is more gradual, but when we turned and went back up that long, steep, winding hill, I am ashamed to admit I had to stop for a moment. I started having trouble breathing and I was wheezing really bad. I slowed my pace slightly and made it to the top, then was able to recover as I humped it down the long downhill back to the car. I got a good workout on that walk and I felt great, when it was done. I think that we need to walk that trail more often. I really enjoy the challenge and I am a little cock a hoop that I can keep such a brisk pace while walking it.

The weather tonight was perfect for walking. Low seventies, a brisk breeze, low humidity and, blessing on top of blessings, no bugs!!!  :D No gnats, no mosquitoes, no tarantulas. Why can't it be like that every time we go out there? lol

We met up with a few people, a younger gal with her little boy and a dog. She had on black capris and across her generously rounded booty was the words "rock star". Now, I ask you, why do people run around in pants with lettering across their ass? lol We met up with Lance and Lancette Wannabe on their bicycles, riding far too fast on trails shared with foot traffic. We saw the gal with the long dark ponytail that always jogs and another walker. A man about our age, walking in the same direction we were. He must have been parked down at Heritage Park.

I am very nicely on track. In fact my calories are a little low. I have room for a snack, if I so desire.

Well, my little chickadees, I am out of stuff to talk abut, right now. So. I'll natter at you all later.

Have a great night. :D


  1. um okay...hope you had a good walk...good thing I can read.

  2. What a GLORIOUS walk that must have been!! Great job! And don't worry not a thing about having to stop - you made it, and that's all that counts! I nearly sprayed my computer with the water I just took a sip of when I read what you wrote about "Lance and Lancette Wannabee"!! hahahahahaha!! I may have to snarf that one one of these days!! Too funny!!

  3. lettering on their arses :)
    I see that a lot where I live (college town) and it still baffles me.


  4. Don't you be ashamed of a THING, Darlin'! So what if you had to rest for a moment? You did kickass trail this time. The more you do it, the easier it will get. Push yourself as far as you can go but know when it's too far. Shame shouldn't even be in your vocabulary right now. Replace that word with PRIDE. You're a rockstar... more so than the girl with that label on her booty :)

  5. I feel the same way about butt letters. I hate it most on little girls. um, nobody should be looking at their asses. Nobody.

  6. All in all, it sounds like it was a very successful day! Keep up the good work, Erika!

  7. what about ruffles on tights? I want some ruffles.

  8. If I'm wearing any words across my backside, it will say, "don't laugh, this could be you if you don't fuel your body properly" (And it could all fit on one line, right now). Umpf. I enjoyed your hiking post today - good job!!

  9. Lanie Painie, I totally agree!

    Mandy, ruffled tights are fine. Ass lettering... Not so much. ;)

    Sherry, <3

    Chris, I misread stuff, too. More often than I care to admit...

    Ann, I almost baptized my laptop with coffee.

    Thank you, Amy Jo. And you are right. And it was just one tiny little break... :D

    Carla, I don't get it, either. *shakes head*

    Mrs C, it was lovely. A rare, perfect day. :D

  10. Well shitballs - you're kicking my ass in this challenge! Love it!

  11. Hahaha...umm, I'm embarrassed to admit in college I had sweatpants with my sorority letters across the butt - every time I see pictures of it I just cringe...awful!


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