Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's Give Them Some Love, Folks

PhatinPhx is a blogger who recently commented to one of my entries. I checked out her blog and methinks she could use some bloggy love and support. So, please pop over, follow and let's draw her into the community. :D

Also, Kristen at Kreating Kristen (formerly The Fat Chick Weigh) is having a really bad go of it. Please go and give her some support, hugs and uplift her?

Today is sucking ass for me. Not food wise. That is good. I find that recovery from a higher calorie day isn't the big, scary, hairy deal it used to be for me. It isn't my head. That is behaving fairly well. My headache is sticking to the background for the most part. No... It is my frakking hip. It is bad. I am trying to stay as quiet as I can, move slowly and genlty and try to keep my weight off it as much as I can and I am going to rest it, today. Hopefully these measures will get me back to somewhat normal, tomorrow. Bleargh! I am getting tired of this shit.

Thunderstorms are rolling in, the humidity is rapidly rising and a flash flood alert just came down from the NWS in Flagstaff. We might be in for a bit of rock and roll. This Monsoon Season has been a bit of a bust, so far. What storms we have had haven't been much to write home about. I would like to see us get at least one really good banger and crasher before the season ends. In preparation, I gave my grill a cleaning and tucked it in under it's plastic.

I have itchy spots all over, from my face to my feet. I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The little bastards have decided that I am a tasty dactyl. The itching is driving me insane. I am trying not to scratch the bites on my face but sometimes I just can't stand not to. We don't normally have mosquitoes around here, some jackwagon must have some standing water around their house. And I know that some of them are from going out to the lake. Ugh! I haven't had mosquito bites in years and I am not enjoying them, one little bit.

Shit! I think that one of those little fuckers got me on my ear lobe! Waaahhh!

It looks like a pretty day in Chicago. The Cubbies are beating the Braves. For now. Go, Cubs, Go!


  1. Will do. I feel like spreading some love today.

    Don't know if it will work for your mosquitoes, but before I go out, I wipe my arms and legs with an antibacterial wipe. It seems to keep them away for awhile.

    Hope your hip feels better!

  2. Skin so soft from Avon.. Kills Mosquitoes dead.. And leaves me so soft, like a teddy bear... Keep your head in the game,you are doing awesome

  3. Makes you smell pretty, too, Allan.

    Move that upper body and let the hips rest.

    Witch hazel gives good relief from mosquito bites. I wouldn't mind them so much if they sucked enough to make a difference on the scale!

  4. Ugh, mosquitoes! Hoping your hip feels better today!

  5. Hope you feel better today. The mosquitoes just love me too. We haven't had very many around here this year.

  6. Your hip sounds so painful. You get rid of one serious pain, and another comes along to torment you. I'm sorry, Erika. And just what you need on top of it--intense itching. I hope you get better soon.

  7. Mosquitoes are the worst! We get a lot them where I live. I hope your poor hip is feeling better. It sucks having pain when all you want to do is get up and go.


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