Friday, August 6, 2010


Woo Hoo! It is time for BYOC! Line up and get sprayed by my insanity.

1. Which one would you rather?

Tom Cruise or Tom Brady?

Mr. Big or Tony Little?

Whoopie Goldberg or Making Whoopie?

Well, I do not know who Tom Brady is. (Did I just hear every reader of my blog gasp, simultaneously? lol) So I will be a rebel and say Tom Cruise. I think that given a little one on one time, I could get that boy on the right track. And off the sofa.

Mr. Big. Chris Noth has always appealed to me. Not conventionally handsome, but so striking and interesting and who can resist those big, beautiful, sensitive looking eyes of his? Besides, I am sorry to say this but... Tony Little is a freak. And not the good kind of freak.

Definitely making whoopie. And that is all I have to say about that. (My Forrest Gump moment for today.)

2. How do you feel about plastic surgery and to what lengths would you go to achieve it?

I am all for it. And, I am plotting how I can get my insurance company to pay for some of it and what banks to rob to pay for the rest. I definitely want to have a "normal" bod, when this whole thing draws to it's finish line. I know that my bod will never look like an 18 year old aerobics addicted little miss perfect but not all flappy and floppy would be nice. :D

3. What is your favourite website?

I have a few. But I suppose my all time fave, my second Internet home is The Long Hair Community. I have met some very lovely people on that site. Plus everyone is as hair obsessed as I am. It is a match made in heaven. :D

4. What is your favourite tip for having a great vacation?

Lots of alcohol.

No... Seriously... I don't know. really. We don't go on vacation. And I wish we did. I wish we could because I am about ready to torch this dump.

5. Repeat question... Whose blog or comment really got to you, this week?

Without a doubt it was our lovely Draz. Her honesty and appeal for comfort and reassurance touched me, as a mother myself very deeply. Hang in there, sweetie. You and yours will be fine. I have no doubt. *hug*

Okay there is my BYOC for this week.

Did you enter my giveaway? Just scroll down a couple of entries and enter.

What are you waiting for? :D

Okay, I need to spell check this and run to the loo before I pee all over myself.


  1. Ok, I'll confess... I wasn't totally sure who Tom Brady was, so I had to google him. :)

  2. You are High-lar-i-ous. I love insanity. I am following you now, because you sound like so much fun. I need that right now. Thanks. ;)

  3. I keep forgetting about Google. lol I suppose I should Google Tom Brady.

    Hi Julie. Welcome. Enter at your own risk. Muahahahahahaha!

  4. Personally, I am enjoying your comments on the clothes that are coming through my email page. Most of the time I agree with your assessments; every once in awhile, I veer off the MamaC path though.

  5. Oh Ice Queen - I have sucked at commenting but I want you to know I read every word. Thank you for loving my post on my daughter - it was hard to write. And just thank you for always leaving the nicest supportive comments - I see your name pop up and can't wait to read it. And oh - a tip - if you want plastic surgery paid for by insurance you will need a long history showing the problems the extra skin has caused you so be sure to see the doc to get it documented mmkkaayy? I love you - seriously I do.

  6. I knew who Brady was, and would have chosen him over Cruise--or a chicken over Cruise--but who the heck is Little? I'll have to google him. Your questions were fun!

  7. I thought Tom Brady=Mike Brady! Is it sad I would do Mike and not Tom Cruise? Even if he is dead...

    Also, I was wondering if you would do a post about the whole hair thing. I am curious as I shaved my head in March to raise money for childhood cancer research and will be doing so every March from here on out.

    You talk at the beginning of this blog about spraying your insanity, and then at the end about not peeing all over yourself. Is your insanity in your pee? Just curious.

  8. Mandy, no. My insanity isn't in my pee. I just have a strange turn of phrase, now and again.

    I will do a post about hair donation soon. I have some rather strong feelings about the entire issue.


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