Friday, August 20, 2010

Bullet Points

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it, so I might as well, too.

* I had a high calorie day, today. Don't know why... Just needed to, I guess. It wasn't outrageous, less than what I would require to maintain my present weight so no harm done.

* I have decided that the occasional high calorie day is no longer a "Bad Day". Bad day infers that I am bad, that I have done something wrong, that I deserve punishment. None of those things are true. And I don't deserve to be so harsh and mean to myself.

* We walked two miles out at the lake, today. I really wanted to go to the trails at the park but Husband insisted on the lake. Uh... gnats, remember? Well, we went earlier. It was hot and clear and sunny. We finished up just as the sun was going down and the gnats were beginning to rise and swirl.

* I wanted to walk three miles, but thanks to Husband's rhoids and my hip, two was all we could do, today. Actually at the end of a mile, my hip was hollering at me . By the time I got back to the Jeep, it was screaming. I am moving around like a busted down old cart horse, tonight. lol

* Grilled chicken rules.

* You know that guy who yells GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLL!!!!! During soccer matches? Someone needs to invite his ass to the Grand Canyon. Then push him in.

* Speaking of the grand Canyon... I have lived in Arizona for almost twenty-seven years and I have never seen the Grand Canyon.

* My head has stopped raging. It is down to a dull roar and I am incredibly thankful. I think that some of my headaches are rebounds from taking Aleve for my hip.

* I am craving chocolate. I think I will round out my day with a sugar free dark chocolate pudding cup. Yum. :D

* I am loving this dry air. Sadly, the humidity is supposed to come back in in a couple of days. Blech!


  1. Whatever happened to all that "it's a dry heat" nonsense we always here about AZ?

    I've never seen the Grand Canyon either. And I've never been to Canada despite it being only about an hour and a half away. What are we waiting for?

  2. Oh to have dry air!!

    I lived in AZ for a couple of years myself when we were in the military. I never saw the Grand Canyon either and I've always wanted to see it.

  3. Being out in the heat can cause severe headaches. People are more likely to get migraines in the summer than the winter. Just saw that on a news story last night. :> But since you're in AZ, isn't it always summer there?

    Go to the Grand Canyon. Just don't fall in. ;)

  4. Be careful with that chocolate. In some people, it can trigger migraines. I'm very sorry you've been suffering. You have enough pain for four people with your hip, too.

    It's great that you won't see yourself as "bad." It's hurtful. You wouldn't do that to someone you loved, would you? So don't do it to Erika.

  5. Fellow Arizonian on the same journey! Fight the fight every day. Keep up the good work!

  6. Got a link to your blog through my Google Alerts on Prescott and decided to stop and say hello. What you're doing reminds me of my friend's work with weight loss, called mindful eating. Her name is Dr. Michelle May, and she has a great book out, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. She lives here in Phoenix. You might consider looking for it. It's got a great message, and it seems to relate to the new beliefs you're implementing into your life. All good. When you lose a reasonable amount of weight, you should see that hip pain go away. We do not realize how much weight affects our bodies until the extra weight is gone. You will be amazed! Here's Michelle's Web site, check her out, think about getting her book:

    Best wishes for continued success!

  7. I saw the Grand Canyon once when I was 4 years old. Needless to say I don't remember much.

  8. Why not make a Grand Canyon trip a goal for when you can drive again? That would be a great incentive! And if your husband doesn't want to go then screw 'em, drive yourself :)

    You are doing so great!! You really are an inspiration for me :)

  9. So glad you avoided a gnatty walk (that is what I'm calling them) ... you are doing so well on your exercising! Keep up the good work - and you have a great perspective, which is going to serve you well on your road to success. xx


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