Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ya Know What I just Realised?

If I ever encounter a flock of zombies and have to get away from them, I am toast.

Do zombies run in flocks?




Ooo! I like that. A murder of zombies.

If I ever run into a murder of zombies I am toast. Unless they walk less than three or four miles and hour and stop for water breaks.

What was my point?

I don't have one, really. I am just sitting here, procrastinating. I need to get my arse in the shower and get some makeup on and get ready to go out for a while when Husband gets home. And I am test driving Google Chrome because IE is driving me seriously in. Sane. Chrome is nice but Blogger pages take an eternity to load. Just as bad as IE, actually . Anyone else have that problem?

I'm not walking, tonight. My frakking hip is hollering at me. Bah!

Okay, time to get up and at 'em.

Later, dudettes. :D


  1. Murder of Zombies that is great. Google Chrome is what I use, I really like it. I used to use IE but it was starting to bug out on me so I switched and never looked back. If you haven't already you can change chromes appearance somehow. I can't remember how but it is there. lol. Part of it could just be your internet provider instead of the browser.

  2. My hubs and I always say that we are toast when the zombie hordes come because we live near three very large cemeteries. Screwed!

  3. Dont worry.... Zombies are usually slow movers so i think you would actually do alright. Im obsessed with Zombies and i own the Zombie Survival Guide book, all you need is a crow bar and you can kick some ass.

    Dont fret, grab a ridiculous ammount of food, toilet paper, a crow bar and get on your roof ahahah :)

  4. Actually, if the zombies attack, you just have to walk faster than your husband :)

    For a browser I use Mozilla Firefox. Love it and never have a problem.


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