Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a Quickie

Hello all. I hope that you are all able to stay cool and comfortable in this heat. It is the Dog Days and it is hot, hot, hot.

Today is a day of rest. My right hip was pinging bad, yesterday when I got back from the lake, so I needed to rest. today. Also, Husband wasn't in the mood to go. I need to get more weight off so that I am safely and comfortably drive, again. It sucks being too fat to get behind the wheel. I miss driving and I am sick of being dependent on Husband to take me everywhere. Seriously sick of it. *Down, girl.*

This isn't the time or place for a major rant. lol

Food is okay. I did manage to eat a few (three) of the fried zucchini sticks that Husband brought home for Son. I know that I shouldn't have and I regretted it even as I munched them down. I mean, really. So many calories for so little if any real food value. And now my gallbladder is squeezing it's self a little. Guess it didn't like my snack, either. lol

At least I stopped at three. On the old days, I would have eaten all of the fried sticks, the wings and all of the pizza that he brought home. And no way in hell would I have shared, either. Honesty. It isn't pretty, is it? But, there it is.

The sun has gone down and it is cooling a bit and I think I can go ahead and turn off the A/C for the rest of the night. I am kind of freezing under this vent.


  1. I'm kind of surprised your DH brings home all of that fast/fat-making food while you're working so hard to lose weight. I know that the choice is ultimately yours, but the only time my DH has done that is when I've become what he feels is too thin. By then, I'm usually capable of ignoring his junk, and if I ask, he'll stop.

    It's not helping. However, you'd better be proud of yourself for stopping at three. That took a lot of strength, even courage, to not fall back on old ways. You're quite something.

  2. What is hubby THINKING? Probably "sabotage!" Grrrrr.

    Course my hubby and kid have snacks that I don't want, too - but if they are TOO tempting I just remove myself from the vicinity.

    I hope your hip feels better! Did you ever try the Omega 3 supplements? They help my joints oh-so-much!

  3. Erika, you can always walk by where you live when he doesn't want to go, right? I suspect your mind is made up as to rant inducing things and all things in their day. But you are working towards your goals and that is what is important. And you are doing so amazingly well!

  4. You did great stopping at only three. You'll make it!


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