Friday, August 13, 2010

Just In Case

Down .6

Better than a gain, I suppose.

Feet cropped out because I forgot my footie socks and no one needs to see my big, fat, ugly, unpedicured paws.

May I please go back to bed, now?


  1. It all counts... Great stuff..

  2. Yes you did great.. I did not lose any last week so any lose is good.

  3. Man, this must be POINT something Friday! Yours is about the 5th blog I've read today where the weekly loss was point something....and me...I had a .4! Not complaining though, any loss is better than a gain! We'll just have to keep on doing what we're doing :-)

  4. We need to get you moving some kind of way on the days your knee hurts too much to walk . . . then you'll be happier with the results.

    still, .6 down is not BAD!

  5. Good job! As you have told me, a loss is a loss. I hate it when we want to exercise but get sidelined by an injury. I hope your hip lets you walk more this week.

  6. Honey don't be so negative on yourself.
    0.6 lbs is a weight LOSS and you are beautiful, come on can i have a cheer for all that? Come on now people!
    Negative motiovation doesn't work. You lost 0.6lbs that you will never see again. And i'll bet your tootsies aren't any more big and fat than the rest of our feet, so let's hear no more of this kinda talk, m'kay?

    Be happy, be beautiful, and be PROUD of yourself! Not loving ourselves has put us where we are today, so let's dump that thinking right now.


  7. Great job, Erika. Now you should reward yourself with a pedicure. :) Not that you have ugly feet. I am sure they are great just the way they are. :)

  8. You're going down, that's the important thing. Yes, you may go back to bed.

  9. .6 you shall never see again. In my warped mind I'd just round up to a pound....ha! Have I told you lately I'm proud of you and love you?

  10. Slow and steady wins the race, my friend.

  11. I just read all of your comments and thank you all.

    What would I do without you?

    Seriously. :)


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