Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Was Today? Wednesday?

Great. I am unable to remember what day it is. What's next? Can't find my way to the toilet.

I need to get out of this house more often. Staring at these four walls is turning my brain into a pile of goo. lol

I am low on calories, today. Still under 1000. Not a biggie, since it isn't a pattern. Maybe I'll have a fudge pop, later. Or some popcorn. Mmmm... Popcorn.

We didn't walk, again today. Husband wasn't feeling well. He came home from work, this morning and went and lay down for a while. He feels better, now but he really needs to pay attention, change his eating habits and get his shit together or he is going to be in trouble. He is talking a lot about not buying so much junk and making a lot of changes in his eating. And ditching the Pepsi. We'll see... I've heard this before. But maybe this time, he really means it.

Hopeflly, we will get out to walk, tomorrow. My hip feels kind of okay and I am ready to rumble.

I might need to start using mosquito repellent. I have noticed that my reactions to mosquito bites are getting a little worse. I have one bite on my right arm that is housed in a painful lump. It was a lot bigger, earlier. I had little serum filled blisters in the pores in my skin over the bump and it hurt and itched so bad I wanted to chew my arm off for a while. I scraped at the biggest blister and there was a thread of darker material that came out. Weird. And yuk. And ow!

Stupid mosquitoes.

My cat is a nut. He is running all over the house, dashing from one room to the next at top speed. I guess he is getting his exercise. There is a little spot on the wall by my kitchen where a chair used to sit and every now and then, he will go running by, see the spot, come to a dead stop, jump up, tap the spot with his paw and then be off like a shot, once again.

Well, that is about all I have to yak about, right now. Sorry I don't have more interesting fare, for you.


  1. eh, go to the is enough to put your house in perspective. It always makes me happy to go home.

  2. I get a kick out of the cats here when they play. They don't do it that often, but they always make me laugh when they do.

  3. I don't buy certain things now and my hubby loves his junk food so he gets mad about it.

  4. Sigh...the Coke has made its way back into my house after years along with lots of sugary salty fatty yuck. I wish I could convince my husband that skinny does not equal healthy...but he just doesn't get it.


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