Monday, August 16, 2010

Back In the Groove

We got out to the lake and pounded out two and a half miles this evening. Last night it was two. We had taken three nights off... I needed one and we just got lazy and flaked for two. Not good. After three, I had to really push myself to get going, again. Tonight was easier.

We got going a little later and the sun is going down earlier and so we really had to hustle to get in two and a half. We wanted to go for three but it was just too dark. I pushed and made myself walk faster, tonight. I really want to extend to three miles, every night. I think I am ready for that, now. Two just feels too easy, a little as if I am slacking.

I remember when two miles wore me out so much I could hardly drag myself into the shower when I got home.

Food is good, today. I am under 1200, right now. I might round out my night with a fudge pop in a bit.

I started re reading Gone With the Wind yesterday. It has been years since I read it and I am really enjoying it. This is one of those big, long, rich books that I love to take my time with. Read slowly, digest and savour as I go along. I normally compete with myself when I read. Try to get this book done in so many hours, a day... What have you. But not this book. And a few others I have read.

I had the weirdest dream, this morning. I was in the shower and the water kept filling the tub. I think the drain was clogged from my hair. When I was finished taking my shower, I went to step out but I couldn't get out of the tub. And rather than standing, I was sitting and couldn't, no matter how hard I tried get up and out of the water. And the funny thing was, in my dream I was no longer fat and I kept asking myself why I couldn't get out of the water since I wasn't fat and should be able to easily stand and get out.

Wonder what that nonsense was all about? lol

I am conducting an informal experiment. Call me crazy, but when I drink a lot of Crystal Light peach tea, I lose a lot of puff. Week before last when I lost the puff for days and felt better and wasn't swollen, I was chugging a lot of Crystal Light peach tea. I have been drinking it for the last couple of days and the puff seems to be leaving, again. I will keep slurping it and see what happens. I wonder if there is something in that mix that works for me? We'll see.

Okay, 'nuff nattering. :D


  1. Not commented for a bit on the blog but have still been reading it with great interest. I had let my weight creep up and up till I was 28lbs overweight. So I got back into my running each day. Have managed to lose 14 of the dreaded pounds. Still enjoying reading .

  2. Your dream sounds like one showing that you don't feel as if you're in control. Even though in your dream, you've reached your weight goal and would expect things to be easier, you are afraid that you still will not have control of your own life and it will still be overwhelming.

    That'll be 5 cents. I charge the same as Lucy.

  3. I am highly suggestible when it comes to just about anything. Now I am smelling broccoli gas emanations. Thanks, darlin'.

    Still, glad you got out to walk. Three miles is awesome! When I used to run (and when I used to be skinny), I used to run 3 miles and I'd go every other day. I felt so much better about myself back in those days. Then I hit the heat and humidity of Chicagoland and it was less than a month before I gave it up. Now my knees couldn't tolerate it even I got up the gumption.

  4. Glad you were able to get back to walking....I am back to it myself this week.....but I'm still not loving it :-). Ah, Gone With The all time favorite book and movie...haven't read it in a while. Maybe I need to get me some of that peach tea! I just cannot seem to get rid of this puffiness & bloat. Cool weather can't get here soon enough for me!!

  5. I used to have dreams like that. I would be trapped in a pit or at the bottom of a ravine and didn't have the strength to climb out. It was scary and frightening. Back then, though I was in a wheelchair and would have been too weak to get myself out of that kind of trouble.

  6. What a trippy dream! I would be interested to see what the meaning behind that is...

  7. Broccoli is pretty powerful stuff. I love it though. I like that peach tea stuff too. Tea is supposed to be healthy.

  8. close the book, turn off the water, get out of the tub, and come entertain me. It's lonely in the blogosphere tonight !

  9. Everytime I skip a day I pay for it by struggling during my next walk. I swam last night but tonight will walk again. It is hot too! Hopefully I sweat a lot!


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