Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Guy Was Too Cool for


Oh, will you


I wanna drive like


Ya know those terrible bathroom dreams? Well, this might just be the worst one of all...

Now you know why wearing jammies is a good idea.

How would you like to be that fire fighter? :p

Bwahahahaha! Cheaters never prosper. Or get away with their clothes, for that matter.

I have no words.

How many ways can you think of to torture this sick sonofabitch?

Guess someone was in a real hurry.

Proof positive that global warming is real.

One could also say this is the progression of undies of weight warriors as we travel on our journey. :D

*All of these pics were sent to me in e-mails. I didn't take them and I don't own them.*

Calories are acceptable. I slid in under 1800, today. Not too shabby, since it was Subway Day. I just had a Fage with honey. So. Good. But it is making a tooth zing. Great. Add the dentist to health care professionals I am ignoring and avoiding, right now. No more honey for me for now.

The tooth is a good way to avoid sweets, tho. As long as I stay away from sugar, I am fine.

I didn't walk. My hip was hollering and Husband's back is still giving him misery. I might just haul out early in the morning and walk on Willow Creek.

One bad thing about the humidity drying up. My allergies are back. They are mad and they are loaded for bear! Aaaahhh! Chooooo! *sniff*



  1. Love the photos, especially the toilet painted on the truck. That one made me laugh out loud. Hoping your tooth and your hip are feeling better today. I haven't a clue what Fage that the yogurt you mentioned?

  2. I laughed but couldnt believe in a way that the SCHOOL ZONE type really happened!!


  3. Sherry, yes, Fage is yoghurt. Yummy Greek yoghurt. I am addicted. :D

  4. Oh God - love these - totally showed them to Rambo so he could laugh too!


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