Monday, August 16, 2010

The Rumbly in the Tumbly

The Thunder from Down Under.


It has turned me into a one woman methane production station.

It isn't cows and cars that cause global warming, my friends. It is all of us healthy eaters chowing down on massive amounts of broccoli and then releasing our gaseous emanations into the atmosphere.

After a three day hiatus, we finally got our asses out to the lake and walked. Boy, did that ever feel good. I needed it. There is a storm rolling in, right now. Thunder is rumbling across the sky and there is lightening. Hopefully, by the time we are ready to hit it, this will be blowing over. Husband doesn't like walking in storms. And right now, I am dependent on him taking me everywhere, so I have to go along with whatever he decides.

That pisses me off, you know. I am tired of it. Getting this weight off so that I can safely drive will make a big difference, to me. I hope. Because I have to tell you, isolation sucks and I have done this long enough.

The Weather Channel is talking about a flash flood advisory. Hmmm... This had better not mess with my walk. Right now, going out to walk is the only way, aside from an occasional trip to a store that I get out of the house.


  1. That would suck!! Hopefully you can drive soon.

  2. That would drive me nuts. Especially now that we live in the burbs w/o bus service. I have never been a "houseplant" and I like to go someplace every day.

  3. That is the best reason I have ever heard for wanting to lose weight (other than health). A person's independence is priceless. I hope that you get there very, very soon, my friend.

    I hear you...oops, I mean, I understand about the broccoli issue. ;-)

  4. I just discovered your blog. Don't look now, but you are losing your tummy! The April side view photo versus the July side view photo says it all !! GREAT job so far ... it will be fun to watch your journey. I just started in July, but I would be thrilled to show the sort of progress you've made already. Keep up the good work! It encourages the rest of us. I hope it isn't long before you gain your wheels/independence. Keep us posted!

  5. I cannot wait until you can drive...what an NSV that will be huh?

  6. I love broccoli but i hate that effect too!
    Hope you can safely drive soon! where is the first place you will go ???

  7. I am with you! And while it is a little scary to be caught it in, I love the time before or around a thunderstorm. Such a beautiful atmosphere.

  8. Be careful, flash floods are scary!

    You'll be driving in no time and then you'll never be are doing great!! :)

  9. I really hope you are not far from driving - I am so happy that you're making the right choices to get you there, and yuo'll be there soon!


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