Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Morning, Blogland

I hope that everyone is having a good morning. I am waiting for my kettle to boil so that I can have my first cup of coffee. It is sunny and chilly, this AM but it is supposed to warm up to 80 or so this afternoon. Should be a pretty day.

Mmm... Coffee. :D Marley just had his morning pile of Party Mix. He expects his treat every day. He sits up on my washer, meowing, staring at me and licking his lips until he gets his goodies. lol Oh! I have to watch Anderson, today. It's about germy stuff. Should be fun. Pardon me while I set my DVR...

Cripes I need to wake up. I hate mornings.

Okay, I am going to have my java and watch The Biggest Loser. I'll see all of you later. :D


  1. It is rainy and cold here. Typical fall. Bummer. Enjoy your coffee. A nice cup of tea sounds nice to me.

  2. Boy, am I glad to see you. You were out of commission for a long while. I always get worried that you're having a deep depression, a severe migraine, or both. It's good to have you back.

    There was an article in the paper here about how our midtown area is having a skunk infestation. It's about time someone noticed. The house next door has had a nest of them for about six months. The couple had moved to the SF Bay area, leaving their house unoccupied here because they couldn't sell it for anywhere near what they bought it for ($550,000). Well, the skunks moved in and have sprayed all through the basement. I was shocked to learn that a couple had finally bought the house, but they made the former owners pay for a de-infestation and some treatments to get rid of the odor. I don't know if they trapped or killed the skunk family/families living there, but there are more around. I smell them at least every two days or so. We also have a new immigration of raccoons. They, and the night kitties, keep running into the skunks at feeding bowls everyone leaves around, and there are fights. We already had a possum invasion, but they don't make noise or smell bad. The male of the family living on our patio scared me shitless sometimes when I washed clothes at night. They are the spookiest looking things, and his eyes were bright red in the light. Hell, they're big suckers, too. Gave me the willies when he was sitting in the bird feeders.

    I'm proud of you that you're continuing to diet. I wondered if you'd given up or not, and was so hoping you hadn't. You've come so far! I respect the amount of work you've done--it's amazing. I wish there were some sort of reward for losing 100 lbs., like $10,000, or something. Wouldn't that be great?


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