Saturday, October 1, 2011

October First

 For your viewing and listening pleasure. :D I love this version. And the video is sooo Eighties-licious! :D

Good grief! October first! Already! When did that happen? And why is the year flying by so damned fast? lol I do love October, tho. This is the month when the temps begin to fall. At least... They are supposed to! I mean, it is still unseasonably warm and I had my A/C running, yesterday. It is humid, today and we are expecting thunderstorms, later. I thought that the Monsoon was over?!?!

The guys are off work today but William had to go in to the office and route his crew for today and Monday. Stupid, but that is how they do it. Then William and Patrick with take the in laws or, as Patrick calls them, The Goon Squad out to do all of their weekly shopping.

I skipped walking, yesterday. I had the Migraine from the Bowels of Hell and didn't want to breathe, much try to pound out miles on my feet. No, I haven't gotten new shoes and I won't, for a while. I am just going to make the ones I have work, for now. I think that asking for more shoes right now... Not a great idea. *sigh* Whatever.

Yeah... The sugar free chocs. If I watch how many I nom, I am okay. Overdoing it is a mistake, tho. I only go for the sugar free because the ones with sugar hurt my teeth. I really need to get in to see a dentist. But I hate going to the dentist so. much. that I keep putting it off. And putting it off. I suck! lol I'll go. Probably when driven by pain to do so.

I suppose I should go take a shower and get myself pulled together for the day. I'll talk to you all. later. :)

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  1. LOVE the new blog design!! And I hear you on the migraine front - it SUCKS. I get them too, and I want to stab myself in the eye. Hope you're feeling better today - and yay for October!


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