Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sugar Free Chocolates

Sooo good. Seriously. Dove dark chocolate ones filled with a lovely ganache truffle stuff. Yum! Russel Stover sugar free caramels. Yes, caramels. Rich, chewy, enrobed in chocolate caramels. I allow myself a couple a day. They are a nice reward for staying on track and it has been so long since I have had candy...


There is a side effect.


Did you know that luscious, smooth, creamy sugar free chocolates cause stomach rumbling, explosive, offensively stanky gas?

Neither did I.

I sure do, now. So does the rest of my household. I am busily getting revenge on my guys for gassing me out of house and home for all of these years.

Maybe I need to buy a few more bags... :P

In other news, we walked again today. We got a little farther before we had to turn back, thanks to encroaching darkness. It is about time to shift from the lake to the sidewalks along Willow Creek Road. Light is handy, when you are walking at night. I am happy to be walking, again. I feel so much better, already. And I want to stay on track to make it all worthwhile. And I need to stay on track and lose this frakking weight!

My feet hurt. Not too badly... I am going to see if I can get used to these shoes before I go whining for another pair. I just don't need the heavy weather involved in asking for new shoes so soon after receiving the last pair, you know what I mean?

Okay, I suppose I should wrap this up as I have nussing else to yap about. 

Goodnight, chickens.


  1. A few years ago when my mom was diagnosed with Type 2, we went and bought a whole bunch of that sugar free chocolate stuff. Had to try a little of each....I spent 3 days in the bathroom.

    Never again :D

  2. How has your hip been with the walking again? Did you get the new walking shoes yet?

    Your post today makes you sound like you're feeling better. I'm happy about that.

  3. LOL...yes it's from the junk they put in them...usually sugar alcohols, maltitol, etc...I can manage if there's just a few choc chips in something but not more. Glad you had god walking weather.


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