Monday, September 19, 2011


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mateys!

It is a pretty Monday morning. Sun shining. Birdies singing. Skunk stink befouling my air.

Frakking skunks! Why can't they go spray in the woods?!?!

So, did you see the news coverage of the pumpkin harvest? Stupid hurricane wiped out a bunch of pumpkins. So there is supposed to be another shortage. Gah! I needs my pumpkins. Fresh. In cans. Fro Jack-O-Lanterns. This sucks. The last few years have been miserable for pumpkins. And this year is supposed to be the same.

Okay, that is about all I have to talk about, right now. Yes, my life is lame and boring.



  1. Damn. I guess I will have to start stocking up on pumpkin now for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The family LOVES pumpkin pie and will be sadly disappointed if we don't have any.

  2. We use a TON of pumpkin in the fall, I make a hellaciously good batch of pumpkin pancakes, with maple...mmmmmm

    Alright, enough of that, sorry about the skunk, that sucks.

  3. When Rambo drove semi he hauled pumpkins and other canned veggies - and now - I can no longer eat them after seeing what goes in them. I shall spare you the deets. Loves you.

  4. Oh no! I should go see what I can find in the stores now. I think I needs me pumpkin bread!


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