Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Wednesday, Hackers Suck and Homicidal Tendencies

Hello gang. I hope that you all had a great Labor Day Weekend. Mine was meh. William was sick, we were broke (shocker) and so we just sat in the house, with the A/C on and stared at each other. Or would have, if he hadn't been hogging the TV and I wasn't face planted in my laptop. I didn't do too well, diet-wise over the weekend. I didn't binge or eat burgers, or anything but snacks... Yeah. *sigh* Frost Princess is a bitch and I grow weary of her shenanigans.

Joys. I haz dem.

My abcess is shrinking and the pain is dwindling. Thankful for little mercies, that is I. The antibiotic is doing it's job.

I kicked Frost Princess's ass, yesterday. And am planning to do so again, today. I have a weigh in coming up and I want to see the number on my scale move. In the right direction, thankyouverymuch.

Texas is burning down. Shit! They need rain so much. Maybe we should all get together at an agreed upon time everywhere we are and do a rain dance for Texas. They need it so badly.

Fucking hackers. They aren't just curious sprites playing in Cyber-Land, you know. They are dangerous, offensive criminals and they need to be stopped. Some of our bloggy friends have been attacked and infected. I am not going to bandy names, I am sure that they know what is what and are ding what they can. Hackers piss me off. They ruin things for other people for no better reason than they can.

So, I have this horrid headbanger, today. Every sound, every beam of light makes my brain want to implode and of course, this is the day that some dumb-assed crew decided to do some super noisy work, locally. They started at six in the morning. Banging and crashing and loud heavy equipment engines and beep-beep-beep-beep-beep and jackhammers and more banging and brakes squealing and oh. My. Sainted. Aunt. I am contemplating closing my windows and turning on my A/C just to get some dark and quiet. In fact, I am going to do that, right now.

That's a little better. Fuck the electric bill. I need quiet and dark or I will end up smashing my head against a wall to make it all go away.

What the high holy hell are they doing out there, anyway? It sounds as if they are tearing up the street and bringing in huge loads of metal and rocks and dropping everything everywhere. In between the clanging and the jackhammering.

So, we are getting our first breaths of Autumn. The last couple of nights and mornings have been so lovely and cool. I am talking turn the fans off cool. It is still very much Summer and the heat and so on will still linger for a good while, yet but I am certainly enjoying these few rare gifts of the coming season. It is making me want to get out my Fall decorations and change my blog background. But I am going to wait a couple of more weeks. Then begin redecorating my house. And my blogs. :D

Golly, I love Autumn.

I am lazy, today. I have laundry in a basket asking to be put away and the basket is just sitting by my dresser, ignored. I didn't make my bed. Just fluffed my pillows and pulled the covers up sorta straight. Didn't change the liners in my wastebaskets, dust, vacuum... Screw it. I am not in the mood and my head hurts too much. I did empty my dishwasher. So I can't call myself a total sloth. lol I'll probably change the wastebasket liners and put those clothes away in a bit. Probably the next time I hike downstairs. But they can wait, for now.

I have three dish towels knitted and number four is over halfway finished. This payday I need to obtain a couple more of those huge skeins of cotton yarn. After I finish knitting up as many dish towels as I want, I will start on dish cloths. I need new dish cloths, too.

That is all I have to yap about, at the mo so I will go.


  1. Thank the gods for a peek of Fall!

  2. It is so bad here in Texas..I work in Ennis and there were fires in the next town over.
    We smelled the smoke I am sick..blah.

  3. So sorry about the headache. I had one all night last Sunday and into Monday. Vomiting and all. Nice. Anywhoodle (as you always say), glad to see you fired up for the weigh in. Always have my faith in you, darlin'.


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