Friday, September 16, 2011

Old Dogs

We can be taught new tricks. Might take us a little while to get it, but we can learn. Yes we can. For instance, I learned, through uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox that it wasn't the program that was the problem. Turns out it was my bookmarks. They had been corrupted when my original  version of Firefox got corrupted and crashed. I saved my bookmarks, thinking that the program was flawed. But every version of Firefox I tried gave me the same problem and I finally figured out that I needed to dump my bookmarks (waaah!!! Now I have to build a new list of bookmarks) and then install Firefox all over again.

And now it all works as it should.

Yepper. Just call me tech support. But don't call me because I can't help you. But now I have this profile attached to this browser again and am able to follow new blogs and so forth, again. Can't do that with Chrome, as that browser is attached to my other profile. Yes, each blog/profile has it's own browser. My profiles are oh-so-exclusive.

So, Frost Princess got out the other day... For a while. Sneaky bitch got past my Dragon. Don't now how. But I caught her and tossed her back in. She had damned well better stay there. I hope that I have a better number on the scale, tomorrow morning. Blech.

I think that the Monsoon is drawn to a close. It is less humid and clear. We have had the first harbingers of Autumn, around here. Cooler night time temps and chilly mornings. I have had to turn off fans in the morning and even closed the windows a couple of mornings. Marley tried to talk me into a fire, two mornings ago but it isn't quite that chilly. lol 

I was up just before six. Couldn't go back to sleep so I got up, did a few little things, got my coffee going, put Sabryna out to do her business, fed the cat... That sort of thing. Made my coffee and Sabryna went into my laundry room to drink water then barfed it out all over the floor. So back out she went and William had to get up and clean the floor. Yeah. Mama doesn't do barf. :P Poor baby girl. Some days her tummy is just urpy. Some days she is fine. She has always been that way. Sweet dog. Good dog. Smart, loyal dog. Has a bad tummy. She is getting so old. She gets tanglefooted, slips on the kitchen floor, looses her balance, the other day she had a terrible time getting up off the floor. She sleeps a lot. More than she used to. She is winding down. I hate it when dogs get old.

Let's see... Anything else going on? Nope. Not really. I have some laundry to do and I want to swatch some polishes for my other blog. That's about it. Yepper. Boring. That is my life. 


  1. Boring is life. I used to get jealous of those ladies with the exciting life, then I realized it took too much energy...

    Our puppy is 10 and just not keeping up like she used to. It is sad to see her getting old, but then we all are. Puppy hugs...

  2. Sometimes I love boring. Heck. Most of the time I love boring.


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