Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Husband is Going to Kill Me

When he finds out that I need another pair of new shoes. I thought that I loved my new New Balance runners. Turns out, not so much. I loved them in the store. I love them wearing them casually. They are fab for running around, shopping and so forth. But out on the trails they just don't work for me. The low profile toe box catches my toenails when my foot moves, the balls of my feet ache terribly, the outsides of my feet hurt and I keep getting blisters on my big toe and my heels. My difficulties with these shoes is one reason why I have been so reluctant to get out and walk.

We got out, last night. Walked nearly a mile and a half before encroaching darkness drove us back to the car. And my feet, this morning are aching. More than they ever did. I think that I need proper walkers for walking. I think that runners just don't have enough cushioning and support in the soles. So, I need another pair of shoes. And William is going to kill me when I tell him that. Until I can get them, I'll just have to make the New Balance shoes work. And take a little extra Aleve.

I did mention that we finally walked again. Haven't since... July? Geeze! No wonder I am sucking big green donkey dicks on the scale. Why I feel nasty and sluggish and just plain shitty. And a little bigger. Oh yeah. Bigger. My jeans are a little tighter. *sigh* But I am getting it back together. And that is going to change. It is changing. It has to. I have no choice.

At least the weather is perfect for walking in the late afternoon and evening. :D

I am working on another dish towel, once it is finished I will start on dish cloths. I love having a drawer full of them, available and ready for the tasks they must perform and not run out between laundry days. Speaking of laundry...

I don't have to do any, today. Yaaaaay!!!

Geeze! I have to pee. Again. Stoopid water.

Time for a blog redesign... I am bored with the grey and white.

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  1. I hope you are able to track down a good pair of shoes soon, Erika.


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