Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Biggest Loser,

Is it really necessary to torture us with NFL kiss ass episodes?



Laundry day, today. Joy. #eatmysarcasm

Maybe I should e-mail this to my husband. ^^

We finally got some rain! It got windy, yesterday. Huge gusts tore through and ripped the cover off of my grill. It flew away, never to be seen again. When William came home for lunch, I had him move my grill down to the garage. And he got it down there just in time as shortly after he went back to work, the heavens opened up and rain dumped down in buckets. It actually rained for quite a while. If we get some more storms like this, the moisture deficit might just be rectified and the tinder dry land be refreshed. 

Oh shit! I forgot to turn on my dryer. Fucking brilliant. Jeeze!

 New brain, perhaps? 

I think, perhaps, yes. I can't think of another thing to write about.


  1. No rain here lately but the temps are really cooling down. I think fall is finally here to stay. I'm enjoying the fall colors. It is really beautiful here this time of year.

  2. We got rain in Mesa too!! It was so nice to have the temp drop from 90 down to the 70s!! Did you hear about the huge accident towards Tucson?? OMG!! I hope your new brain works out ;)

    If so, you will have to tell me where you got it!! ;)

  3. thats my life.
    wet clothes
    forgotten about
    have to be rewashed
    scene :)



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