Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dusting off the Cobwebs

So, I woke up this morning, came upstairs and was greeted by dog shit. On. My. Floor.

Bitch. She couldn't wait? Hello!!! Heaven forbid I sleep until nine because I might be tired and need the rest. No, I have to be up very early every morning and upstairs and on the alert to any signal that that fucking mutt might have to go out and take a shit. The older that dog gets, the more high maintenance she becomes. I love her, don't get me wrong but I am frustrated by her.


So I am mad at my dog, I am wanting to blog, again but I don't have all that much to talk about, really.

Oh yeah. I had a bad gallbladder attack Friday night/Saturday morning. I ended up in the ER getting fluids and pain meds to cool it down so I could go home. I am feeling better and being careful about what I eat. Not a bad thing, as I have been eating like an asshole. I weighed at 316, last time I dared my scale.

I hate myself and I keep trying to get back on track. Maybe this episode will help.

I don't know.

I just suck.

I am going to remove my blogroll. Some asshole hacked the widget a while back and a bunch of blogs got malware alerts. Most of those who have active blogs have taken care of it but some older, inactive blogs haven't and my blogrolls on both blogs still alert me so bye-bye blogroll. I still read in Google Reader and I have actually gotten used to it and don't use my blogrolls, anyway so I am getting rid of this one, too.

And that is about it, for the moment.


  1. You don't suck! Sorry your dog is being a pain. Hope you get you gallbladder issue taken care of soon. I know how painful those attacks are.

  2. I hope your gallbladder issue is resolved soon. I am so GLAD to have mine gone. Those attacks are the WORST!

  3. Your week sounds like mine. I hope your day improves soon!


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