Monday, June 11, 2012

Isn't it Ironic?

Yes, I know that there is nothing truly ironic in this song. ;) But the title fits so, calm your tits. :P

Once again I am a neglectful of this blog and it should take me out and sue me. But it won't. Because it loves me. I have been busy and didn't really think that there was a hell of a lot to talk about, as I am just about the most boring person on the planet. But yeah, lets see...

We finally bought a new washer and dryer. Ouch! More money than I really wanted to spend but they are good machines and should last us a long, long time. We needed them so, we had to bite the bullet. We also finally got a "new" car. It's a 2009 Hyundai Elantra. Surprisingly nice car. When William came in the house and told me that he had brought a car home for me to look at, I asked him what it was and when he said, "Hyundai", I said, "Oh... HELL NO!!!"

I was thinking cheap piece of tin shit Rodney King Hyundai junk car. But I went out to the driveway and took a look at it. And I have to admit, I like it. It isn't my dream car, by any stretch of the imagination but it is nice. It is solid, well built, quite pretty, with it's shiny silver paint and matte black trim and dark, dark tinted windows. It has all of the amenities we wanted, except for a moon roof. Power everything, fifty thousand air bags, rides and drives really nice. It only has 41,000 miles on a 100,000 mile warranty and it was really clean. Owned previously by an older couple who took very good care of it. It gets super mileage, too. It just sips the gas, unlike that freak of a Jeep we used to have. 

And, it has free XM/Sirious radio for as long as we own the car. Which kinda sorta a lot rocks. Paired with the CD player, we always have plenty of tunes. 

As I said before, a Hyundai is hardly my idea of a dream car but it is a good car that will serve us well and it was an excellent deal. We got a very good price on it, the payment, with gap coverage came in under our comfortable payment cap and by paying on this car, we are re building our shittastic post Ch. 13 credit ratings. The interest rate on the financing is pretty brutal. Thanks to the aforementioned shittastic credit. But thanks to the fact that William has a dependable job, has been there a long, long time a reputable lender took a chance on us.

Other than that, there have been car rides, because I am like a dog with gasoline fever and I like to go for rides, I have been swatching a lot of polishes for my Nail Parlour, and just living life and being boring. 

I have this nasty sore throat. I got it Saturday morning. Ugh! It sucks! Hurts sooo bad. I hate getting a sore throat and have been getting a lot of them, lately. I was going to go see my doc, today but I was feeling better, earlier then after her office was closed, I was feeling a lot worse, again so I went to the Urgent Care and got seen. They did a rapid strep test. Negative. Yeah. I knew it wasn't strep. I've had strep. A couple of times. You know it if you get it. lol It's viral, I was instructed to take Advil PM and gargle with warm salt water. Gee, thanks, doc. I am still in fucking pain, here. Swallowing is hell, thankyouverymuch. Fucking virus.

He also said that my tonsils are big. Yeah. My doc also told me that. And that I might, like some ten year old, need them out some day. Good times. :P

So, after I want to Walgreen's to pick up my Advil Cold and Sinus, okay, want to know what a makeup whore I am? I checked out the displays on the way in and out. Oh, yeah. Sicker than a dog, can't swallow but by George, Revlon is BOGO !/2 so I grabbed one of the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains and a Color Stay Shadow Stick. I am a sick, sick woman, let me tell ya. 

And can I just talk about the process of getting Advil PM??? I had to get it from the pharmacy counter, give him my driver's license, have my signature run through some database just to buy an OTC medication recommended by my doctor. Thanks, meth cooking assholes.

So, we went to Circle K after I left Walgreen's so William could buy a couple of doughnuts and a lottery ticket. He got a crossword.

Guess what the fucking bonus word was?


Now, that's ironic.


  1. Now that IS ironic! Hope you feel better!

  2. Whats up with meds lately? I went to buy my DD tylenol cold and the pharmasist was on lunch, it was under lock and key and I couldn't get it. For a cold tablet! That sore throat thingy seems to be going around tho. Take care...and enjoy the new wheels!


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