Monday, May 13, 2013

Got Back In

Weirdness... Couldn't get back into my blog for a while, there. I finally figured out how so now when it happens again, if it happens, again I won't be trapped out.

It's warming up. Mid eighties, we have had to turn on the air in the afternoons, it isn't super hot around here but because of the way this place is built the sun bakes down on us and turns this place into an oven in the afternoon and the air makes it more pleasant so on it goes. Add to the heat the fact that Smoke Man insists on blowing his obnoxious cigarette smoke all over the place and I don't enjoy the "fresh air" so much.

I want to move. Seriously. I am over this condo. And, since we had Sabryna put to sleep (on March 29th) we don't have to stay here any longer. Not really and I want to start looking. Seriously looking and I want to move.

William keeps talking about getting another dog. I don't want another dog, right now. Not in this condo and honestly, I am just not ready to add another dog to the family at the moment. I still miss my Velcro dog too much. But Mr. Stubborn keeps looking at dogs online. *sigh* I told him that when we find and move into the house that I want... Largish, single level (I am over stairs, thankyouverymuch!) bells and whistles that I crave, all hard surface floors and a large, securely fenced back yard, we will get another dog. I think that is a fair compromise.

I am healed up from my laproscopic gallbladder removal that wasn't in March. Hell of a thing, a surgeon not being able to find a person's gallbladder. I am not too surprised, it was a remote possibility, as it couldn't be imaged on the studies before surgery or on the CAT scan I had after. So, I still have that malfunctioning piece of shit in my bod making me miserable, now and again. *sigh* If it goes critical, we'll have to deal with it but for now, I'm just going to leave it be. I have a good prescription anti nausea med that I can take from time to time when I need it and other than some discomfort from time to time, it isn't too bad. I can live with it, for now.

I had a nice chat with my mother, yesterday, I called to wish her Happy Mother's Day and we talked for a good while. She is doing pretty well. Feeling good. I am going to respect her privacy and not go into too much detail here, but she had some treatments and is receiving some others and has some upcoming. She feels good and has had some good results. I am overjoyed by this, and thrilled at how well and strong her voice sounded on the phone, yesterday. I am hopeful that she is going to be with us for a long time to come.

On the migraine front:

Imitrex: Fail
Propranalol: Fail
Topomax: The Jury is Out. It is promising, We'll see.

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