Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bringer of the Gushy Food

Marley has no use for anyone, as cats tend to do. Unless it is 7:00 in the morning and he wants his gushy food. He awaits me at the top of the stairs, having heard me stirring around and getting up. As I come out of my room, the meowing begins. Insistent, demanding. Sometimes loud and strident, others, barely audible, rusty, baby kitten starving to death without the strength to create actual sound. He dogs my footsteps as I move around my kitchen, putting on the water for my coffee, taking my morning meds and vitamins, feeding the dog, getting Marley his crunchies.

Crunchies he doesn't want. In the morning, Marley is all about the gushy food. He gets a quarter of a can of Fancy Feast Classic in a seafood variety of some kind. He insists that all gushy food be seafood; he will eat chicken, beef, turkey cooked or raw but won't tolerate it in his gushy food. Picky little snot. Anyway, until I get that quarter can into a small ceramic dish, properly mushed and fluffed just so, served up on his windowsill, he doesn't back off. How many mornings have I almost killed myself tripping over his little orange ass as I stumble around the kitchen in my sleep induced haze? You would think that he would know better than to come within a mile of me before my first cup of coffee but the pull of the gushy food is too powerful and he is totally willing to risk bodily injury to nag me into feeding it to him even faster.

My head is bad, this morning. It's so nice to have a cold and a migraine at the same time, lemme tell ya. 

I remembered to move my hair appointment. This way I won't bring the plague in and infect everyone at the salon. I'm such an angel. I had to book for the seventeenth. I have roots-a-plenty now. My hair is going to look seriously jacked up by the middle of the month. *sigh* Oh well. That is what I get for having one of the most popular stylists in town. I get why she is in so high demand, she is good. And she respects how I feel about my hair. She never breathes a word of complaint about working with my masses of tresses, she never tries to pressure me into chopping my hair and she is happy to work with me as I grow it ever longer. And she doesn't charge me outrageous amounts of money. A roots touch up and tone is sixty-five bucks. Not bad for a higher end salon and the fact that my hair is thick and past my waist and needs precise attention to get just the right shade of blonde and not destroy the structural integrity of all of this hair. She is a treasure and it would be worth it at twice the price. My wallet is happy that it isn't that much, tho.

I wonder of those little fabric hoses are really as good as the commercials say they are? I should look up reviews and see what people are saying. They look good... And would be so handy to have around. I hate using the big, heavy hose we have, I'd love something lightweight and easy to handle.

It smells like pumpkin and spice in here, thanks to that candle. It must be strong for me to be able to smell it with my racked up beak.


  1. So glad you are blogging again! I have a question about hair color as I am venturing back into the world of coloring my hair again. What does "tone" mean? And how often do you ideally get roots touch ups? Last week I went to our local beauty school to have blond highlights put in my dishwater light brown (and greying) hair after not coloring for over 10 years. My student and I had a language barrier and she ended up using just straight bleach (no mixed in color) so I ended up with white stripes in my hair. As I was starting to freak out the teacher bustled over and said "let's tone that" and then they applied more stuff over my whole head. Now my entire head is lighter, so I'm wondering if the "tone" stuff contained peroxide as well. Anyway, just felt like sharing a hair story I guess. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Thank you :)

    Okay, toner is simply dye mixed with a lower volume peroxide. It is used to add back colour and tone to the hair after it is lifted lighter with bleach and or peroxide.

    Single process colour contains a high volume peroxide and the toning pigments in one, it goes on the hair, the peroxide lifts and strips out the natural pigment then the new colour or tone is deposited. In a double process, the hair is first lightened, then the toner is applied.

    I have nothing against student stylists but honestly, I wouldn't trust them with my colour. Until you have had a ton of experience, complex colour jobs can go horribly wrong, horribly fast. I consider highlights to be a complex colour job.

    It is normal for your overall colour to be a little lighter, if the peroxide used to tone your highlights had a high volume peroxide. The whole head is toned, so peroxide gets all over your hair.

    If your highlights were lifted to a very light or even near colourless point, high volume peroxide isn't necessary when it is time to tone. Ask your stylist to mix the toner with the lowest volume peroxide she (he) has on hand. That will minimize the lightening of the rest of your hair.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Thanks Erika! Between the student's language issues and my lack of familiarity with the coloring process I felt like I was at the auto mechanics or something (a place where I have no clue what is going on). I've gotten some compliments on the color and like it for now but I will have to see how it looks as roots grow out. The price can't be beat ($35 for partial highlights and cut) so I think I will give them another chance but ask for another student--and make sure we are on the same page before anything goes on my hair! I would have loved those white stripes in my hair when I was 15, but at 41, not so much :)

  4. I always hated the look and smell of canned cat food. I don't know how they can eat that stuff. I hope you feel better soon.


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