Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone who celebrates is having a wonderful Easter. And for those of you who don't, a terrific Sunday. :D

It is sunny and warm, here. We are expecting the high to be in the mid seventies. Just a perfect Spring day. We don't really have any plans, a quiet, relaxing day sounds nice.

I have had my morning coffee, patched a cracked nail, repainted my accent nails and did a little simple nail art in Spring colours in celebration of the day and I am contemplating a late brekkie. Oatmeal? I don't know... I need to eat but I am not all that hungry.

My allergies and sinuses are driving me insane. Urgh! I had a migraine, yesterday. I took Imitrex, it helped a little but it just mostly made me feel weird. I get this odd, slightly floaty feeling and a tightening in my neck and chest. I am still not sure about that stuff. *shrug*

It's a beautiful day to be good to myself. Something I have done precious little of, lately.

ETA: Yay!!! My favicon is finally showing up! The one I attached to my nail blog finally popped up, yesterday and this one just popped up. So, it just needs a day or so then it works. Good to know. :D


  1. Whaaa I don't see your favicon!! Mine took FOREVER to show up though. I had to play with it forever it felt like.

  2. I got a lot done today but it doesn't feel like I did hardly anything. Meh...I'll get stuff done tomorrow at work. :)


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