Saturday, April 7, 2012

White Space

I have really become enamored of very simple blog designs, lately. Weird, for me, the Empress of Overkill. I am just really liking a sleek, simple layout and crisp font and lots of white space on my blogs. That may change, one day but for now, Yeah. :) Also, I have started to fall in love with the new interface. I have spent some time playing with it and it kinda rocks. I am having trouble with the favicon feature. I uploaded my image and it isn't working and I can't find any help in the help forums. That is one area where I am not happy. The help feature is pretty shitty, now. Worse than it was. Blech!

Tradeoffs, I suppose.

It's a nice, warm day and I am listening to music through my new earbuds. Did you know that those things can die? My old set did. I was only getting sound into one ear. Yikes! Not pleasant, lemme tell ya. Eh... ten bucks for a year of hard use. I guess I got my money's worth.

Patrick went out and bought himself a new pair of sneakers. He has big feet. His new shoes are white. His feet look like ginormous land yachts. I'm surprised that he isn't tripping and falling over those enormous things.

Happy Easter, tomorrow to everyone who celebrates. <3

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