Saturday, February 9, 2013

First World Problem

Do I get the Samsung Galaxy III or suffer with my current Old El Crappo phone a couple of months longer and get the Galaxy IIII? I like the newest and funnest. I have been reading about the new GS4 and it sounds like something that is right in my wheelhouse. 32G, Key Lime Pie, 1080p HD video...

The SG3 is a great phone and will be dirt cheap when the SG4 launches and that would be great for the old budget but I have suffered with this crappy phone for so long that when I do replace it, I kind of want the best one. YaknowwhatImean?

First world problems.

I haz them.

And, it seems, another fucking migraine.

Can I go back to bed, now?

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  1. I hate difficult dilemmas. I really really do. Those people who can just dive right in and make a decision quickly...yeah I'm not usually one of those. I honestly don't know anything about the Samsung phones. (iphone here)...but whichever you decide be sure to let us know how you do or don't like it because my contract is up later this year. :D


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