Saturday, February 9, 2013

Guess I Needed It

Sleep, that is. I slept until after ten, this morning. I know... Lazy sloth. I never sleep late. I am up between six and seven every morning. Last night, I felt so worn out, I was yawning hard, you know, those yawns that feel as if they are going to crack your jawbone in two? I kept falling asleep in my chair, with my computer in my lap. I finally decided to go to bed and was so bone tired that I could barely drag my ass down the stairs, go into my bathroom to pee, take my hair down and fall into bed. I didn't even bother brushing my teeth, braiding my hair or putting on extra face cream.

I do feel better this morning, tho. More refreshed and energetic. I think that stress, migraines, sleeping like shit finally all caught up with me and my bod and brain cried uncle. LOL

I am having my morning coffee and cursing the snow that fell in the night. We are forecast to get more, today then it is supposed to clear up, warm up and go away. Which is good. I like it not. At least we aren't in the East, right now. Yikes! Talk about snow! Just glad it isn't me. :P

Coffee... What would I ever do without you?

I have a pile of polishes to swatch and some other stuff to do.

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