Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bite Me, Frost Princess

So, after a bit of a shit day, yesterday, today was great. I am determined to keep this stall from becoming a freefall. I am continuing to fight the good fight. I won, today.
Failure is not an option. I refuse to go back from whence I came.
It is so. Frakking. Hot. I hate August.
Okay. I am outie. My phone keyboard is driving me infuckingsane.
Good night, loves.  :)


  1. You rock, darlin'! Keep on fighting, keep stepping forward. I have much faith in you, you beauty you!

  2. August is getting to many of us! I had this wonderful trajectory for nearly a year and, bam...I'm getting the evening snackies again. No binges, thank the Heavens, but still, more calories than I want/should and more appetite than I want/have had in a long while, and it's annoying as heck to exercise in this humid-suffocating-heat.

    I would love to get hit by a Frost Blast. Blow it my way!

    Anyway, you and I are not alone. Seems like several of my online fatfighting buds have had stalls, setbacks, regains, struggles. Sucks..but WE WILL GET PAST IT and breathe easy again (and see the scale go down, down, down again).

    I'm fewer than 26 pounds to goal weight and I don't wanna screw it up, not now...not ever, really, but not when I'm so CLOOOOSE!!!

    Let's keep fighting. Inner warriors engage. :D

  3. Damn! I was so worried about you! I only just saw this post. I was going to email you to find out if you were okay, but calmed down and decided you'd blog when you were damn good and ready. It was just because your previous entry was worrisome that I was afraid you'd fallen completely off the wagon--not for a day, but for good.

    When I see what you've achieved, and I know a little of what you're up against, I remain in awe of your toughness. You are a strong, successful, beautiful woman. So is the Princess Dieter. I'm going to have to change my name to Princess zule. Maybe some of it will rub off on me.

    I know you'll do it if you want to. I've seen that. And I'm here for you.


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