Monday, August 15, 2011


I am still having trouble staying on track. Frost Princess has been in control, weak, snotty and self indulgent. I do great until late afternoon or evening and the snacking begins.


Not looking for sympathy, here. Just venting my shit.

Meanwhile, it is hotter than hell, and I am so tired of Summer and I feel blah and just...


I need another cup of coffee.


  1. We are tired of summer/monsoon here in Tucson too. We get the heat and humidity without the rain. Ugh!

  2. Go ahead and vent--that's what we're here for, to listen and support you.

    You know, I cannot believe you've lost 100 lbs.!! The sheer work and discipline involved is mind-boggling.

    I've really missed you. I have to post on LHC. Have you been reading/posting there?

    Your new photo is gorgeous! I'll bet you don't even know how physically beautiful you are. Look at that photo a lot and maybe you'll see it, eventually. Stare at yourself in the mirror, too. Anything to finally believe in your beauty.

  3. I am sick of the weather here is Phoenix as well! ICK!

  4. Hot and miserable in Oklahoma too.

  5. My eating sucks too. I have been skipping breakfast AND lunch only to overeat at dinner. I really, really know better. I'm just choosing not to do better.

    One plus, I have kept up with running 3 times a week since April. I have been working out 6 to 7 times a week. I wish eating was this easy.

    Here's hoping that things will turn around for you.

  6. Venting is why we're here. Seriously lay it on us lady. We can take it and it may help you figure some stuff out as well as relieve some stress.

  7. Come on girlfriend!! Get back that upper hand!! Are you still getting out and walking? I also love that photo up there of you, you sexy thang you!


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