Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facing the Music

I am a little obsessed with this: :D  

The pipes on this gal! Yes, I am a fangirl. :)

Thank you all so much for your lovely, supportive comments. You can't even begin to grok what they did for me. *squishes everyone in bloggyland*

So. Accountability. We all need to grow up, grow a pair and admit our shit. It is a part of being an adult and becoming the person we want to be, deserve to be. So, I will admit my shit.

It is hard to admit my shit.

Seriously hard.

I mean... I would rather be locked in a circular room for 48 hours with Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and Michelle Bachmann with Sean Hannity on a continuous loop on a loudspeaker than admit my shit. But in the interest if being an adult and accountable, here it is: I got on my scale last night and... I am up. Two pounds.

Ouch! That sound you just heard was a baseball bat to my solar plexus. Thanks, life. I needed that. A reality check. Knowing. It is better. Now I can get back to work and check this before it becomes a spiral back into three-four hundred pound hell. Not going back there. I can't and I won't.

Frost Princess can bite by big, dimpled white ass. She has had her fun. We all need to. But her moment in the sun is over. I am not saying that the little bitch is banished. Sadly, she seems to like me and it appears that she isn't moving on, anytime soon. Too bad I can't get her and Drazil together. The two of them could ride off into the sunset on Sheniqua's ass. Then there would be two gals who would have an easier time of it. :D

Speaking of Drazil (Me, you need a screen name, dude. Calling you Drazil is not fair to you and calling you Me... Well... It is just... Confusing. lol) I read that fantabulous comment you left me about what was said between you and Jen. It made me run away for a while. But it also filed me with an incredible glow. I wanted to squish you both. Maybe one day I will get to.

I have lost my writing flow. I had to pee while I was writing this and when I got downstairs, I decided to clean my Sanctuary so I scrubbed down my bathroom, dusted, vacuumed, fluffed my featherbed and made my bed, folded a basket of laundry and put it away, got another hamper full sorted and the first load in. Then, while I had a slice of sunshine, I grabbed my camera, lightbox and some nail polish gem jewelry that was sent to me for review and took some new photos. (The last batch I took were a super fail. *sigh* I hate my old, lameass camera. And I sooo need an Ott light! And a tripod. STAT!) Hopefully this batch will come out. It is now cloudy...

Stupid storm clouds! No rain, mind you. Oh, no! Just heat. Humidity. Clouds. No cool, refreshing downpours. No relief for the parched, thirsty land and trees. Dry storms, if the storms form at all. This Monsoon Season is, so far, a huge bust. See, I am always bitching about the weather. If it were raining a lot, I would probably be pissing and moaning about that, too. :P With the heat, humidity and general late Summer yuk, it is like living all snuggled up with Satan's nutsack.

So, where was I before I got off on this insane tangent? Oh, yeah. Accountability. I need to have more. And that means getting my lazy ass over here and blogging and getting it out on the screen instead of eating it. Yeah. I think that seeing an additional two pounds on the scale re firmed my resolve. Threw a bit of a scare into me. I admit, I expected the damage to be worse. If I hadn't been trying and restraining myself as much as I did, I would have done some serious fucking damage. If I had been chowing like I used to, I have no doubt that I would be right back up around the 300 mark. Or higher? Frightening, how fast, how easy it is to spiral out of control and have everything we work so hard for slip right through our fingers. I am not going there! I am not.

Okay, I hope that any of you who live anywhere up The Eastern Seaboard reading this who are in the possible path of Hurricane Irene are getting yourselves ready. Prepared and gassed up to get the hell out of Dodge. Please, heed the warnings, the evacuation orders and be safe! I do not want to hear about any of my bloggy buddies coming a cropper of this storm. Those who gas up and run away, live to blog another day! ;)

Time to go get that load out of the washer and toss it in my dryer and start the other load. Laundry. Dude! Where does it all come from?!?!


  1. -love- Adele, she's a genius and my kids know the words to rolling in the deep, cause I crank it and shout it in the car at least once a trip.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that gets distracted midway through writing a post, lol.

  3. Well we meant what we said...and you're right - Frost Princess and Draz would make great babies together - Sheniqua could be the Godmother. She's such a heifer. Ugh. You can do this my friend. You so can.

  4. Ninja, you know that you are a fan when your kids are belting out the lyrics! :D

  5. Mrs.M, right? I do it all the time. I start a post, or pause a TV program to run to the loo and next thing you know, I am ears deep in cleaning or knitting or going out somewhere. I am a mad multitasker but I am also easily sidetracked. lol

  6. Me, my dear, I agree, Frost Princess and Drazil are a match made in fat hell. And Sheniqa, well, that biotch has a special place in hell waiting for her. She needs to get off your ass and go away, for evah. And I think that you are definitely making that happen!

    Yes, you are! :D

  7. Like that singer too!
    I have a mental block against remembering her name.
    Thanks for posting her!

  8. It's really hard to stay on track. I've only lost 9lbs since FEBRUARY!!


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