Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oops. I did it again. Went a long time between posting. I don't mean to. But lately, every time I think about blogging, my Internet goes down.And if you think that I am full of shit, just come see our crap node that keeps crashing. I am on high speed cable modem and the company recently upgraded the service without first updating the infrastructure on which it runs. Hence the crashing of my Internet and hours and hours of no Internet, at all.


I had a good day, yesterday. Not so much, today. I kind of went crazy on a bag of low fat potato chips (yeah, yeah, I know...) and boy, am I ever paying for it, tonight. This evening, Explosive Man has got nothing on me. *cries*

That'll serve me right.

A part of me is wondering if Spring is going to spring early and that Winter is, for all intents and purposes over. I wouldn't mind, really. I am enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. It is supposed to be 67, tomorrow. That is freaking hot for this area, this time of year. Yes, I am in Arizona, but at higher elevation and it actually gets cold here and isn't supposed to be almost seventy in February.

We went walking at the lake, last night. There was just enough daylight to get a good mile in real quick, by the time William got home from work. We ar planning to hit it on Friday, again. I need exercise. So. Bad.

Urgh! Massive hot flash! It feels as if heat ants are crawling up my bod and I am on fire. Sometimes they are worse than others. They seem to be bad, lately.I was under the impression that this far out from my surgery, I wouldn't have the damned things any longer. Ha! Fucking liars.


  1. Feel better, Erika. I wish we were having unseasonably warm weather here. Just a day or two here and there. No consistency. I'm ready for real spring. I think things will go a lot better for me then.

  2. YUK to Hot Flashes.... I think I've had a few!


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