Thursday, February 23, 2012

Title Assery Goes Here

So, I finally did it. I was in Sally's tonight... Originally to buy a couple of new polishes. There are two or three more the the China Glaze Electropop collection I wanted; I had Dance Baby and Techno in my hand and I wandered over to the hair colour section. Stood there and hemmed and hawed and thought and debated with myself and finally had a nice little confab with one of the gals who works there and walked out sans polish (I can always go back for them, this weekend ;)) carrying a bag with a ton of tubes of high lift blonde colour and two big bottles of developer. 

God willing and the creek doesn't rise and my strand test works, by this time, tomorrow, I should be a blonde, again. After all this time. November of 2006 was the last time I had my "natural" colour and I have missed it so. much. Yes, I now have dark hair (I am between a level 5 and 6, in case you were wondering) but I was born blonde. I was platinum blonde as a child and as I got older, my hair got darker. I dyed it blonde for years. Went brunette a couple of times, always lightened it again. Then in '06 I went first brunette, then spent a year and some months a henna redhead. Loved what henna did for my hair. Seriously, if you like having red, consider henna. It is fabulous in the extreme. But I am just not a redhead in my heart. 

I tried to remove the henna. Didn't happen. That shit is permanent. I am talking you can't nuke it out of your hair permanent and I destroyed my tailbone length hair in the process. *waaahhhhh* So, too long story short, I now have virgin hair and am over my base colour. I hate it and I want my blondie locks back. Nao! A salon visit isn't in the cards. One of the cars needed repairs and having a running and safe vehicle trumps my vanity so I am going to do it, myself. So, strand test, first then hopefully, full head. I am excited. I like to colour my hair. Always have. I loved doing henna. It was a day long process, a ritual that I just adored. Yeah, I know. I am seriously weird.

Anyway, if the blondification works, I'll post pics. Promise. :D

It was almost seventy, today. I sat in my Sanctuary doing my makeup today with my window open, enjoying the lovely, balmy breeze blowing in. Once the sun went down it chilled off fast but the day was just lovely. It might get over seventy, tomorrow. :D

Okay. I am tired. I am dappled and drowsy and ready for sleep.

Oh! I drank lots of water. But my eating wasn't stellar. It wasn't a total washout but... Yeah. 

I am an asshole.


  1. Can't wait to see the new blonde pics!! It was 75 degrees here in Ga. yesterday. About 70 right now I think. Crazy ass winter dude, lol.

    1. Right?!?! I can't believe it.

      Here's hoping it works... *fingers crossed*


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