Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Hair

Shit. I am going to have to start putting a black oval where my face belongs. I look like a tired old basset hound, anymore. :P

 I toned it, this morning and it is much more even. I am liking it. I still need to gently but firmly tweak the lift and tone a bit... I want to abolish more of the dark gold and red tones, but I don't want to push my hair too hard, too fast. It came through everything in great condition (strand tests rule, never do colour without one! :D) and, from a test I did, this morning on my previously tested strand, can take a good bit more and still be fine. My hair always did hold up amazingly well to peroxide. Anyway, yeah. I am happy with my hair and have to smile, every time I look in my mirror. I finally feel like me, again. :D

It was another beautiful day, here today. Seventy, sunny and a dreamy, warm little breeze. A beautiful harbinger of Spring.

Food is good, today. I think I need to take some extra potassium, tho. I had monster leg cramps, last night in my thighs. Both. Jerked me out of a sound sleep and I was in agony. I couldn't move, just try to breathe through the horrible and try to survive them. I hate leg cramps. And I dread and fear them and I get them pretty often. Yuk. My thigh muscles are crampy, this evening, too. I dread going to bed. 

I'm going to get that potassium and I think I'll see if there is a banana floating around here, too.


  1. Oooooooh!! I love it girl!!! You look fab! :)

  2. Like I said - stunning. Takes my breath away really.

  3. I absolutely love your blonde hair... and I have just one question:
    What took ya so long!?
    Looks great!

    1. Thank you, Anne.

      I just kept waiting for a chance to go to a salon but... One thing or another needed the money so I finally just decided to do it myself and damn the torpedoes. :D


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