Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like a Lion

Happy March.

Well, the first part of this year is flying by. Too bad I'm not particularly having fun. Whatever.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Follow up to get my blood work results and see what the high holy hell is going on with my throat. Blech. It's been lightly sore on and off and feels kind of swollen in there. I am, of course a little freaked out, as my brain leaps to the worst case scenario. Can't help it. Anyway, I'll see what she says, tomorrow. I also want to have a confab about my headaches and I think that I'll get a 'script for something to ease my allergies. It is March and it is windy and my head is about to explode and if I blow my frakking nose even one more time, I am going to go crazy.

I am eating like an idiot. Chips? Ugh. The other day, I had an epic day. Sat in this house, all the blinds closed and ate and cried. Did laundry. Ate. Cried. Ate some more. Cried. Ate and did vacuuming and ate. And I think you get the idea and since then I have just been spiralling out of my mind. I need to get myself back on track and under control again and this bullshit has to stop.


Seriously. What the fuck is my problem? I think that part of it is that I am freaking out and reacting to that but this isn't good. Not at all. *sigh*

I am a mess.

It is so windy, tonight. But it is supposed to warm back up. We are expecting highs in the seventies early next week. I think that Spring is trying to spring early. Fine with me. I am over Winter. What Winter we had...


  1. our winter was ephemeral too.
    and Im NOTNOTNOT complaining :)


    1. I hear you. A mild Winter is nothing to cry about! :D


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