Sunday, March 4, 2012


I don't know... Imitrex doesn't seem to be as effective as I had hoped. I took my dose the moment I had an aura but my head still hurt. Not as bad as usual but yeah... It still hurt. It is worse, this morning. I almost feel as if this is a rebound. I will rebound pretty hard after any pan reliever taken before or during a migraine. I am going to keep working with Imitrex for a bit and see if I can make it work but so far, I am not all that encouraged. Blast it. I'll discuss this with my doc next time I see her, which should be in the next few weeks or so... I need to have a confab with an ENT then go back to see my PCP and by then I should know if Imitrex is going to be my bitch or not.

It's a pretty morning. Sunny and up to 42, already. It is supposed to hit seventy for a high. Woo hoo! It should be a perfect afternoon to get out to the lake for a nice walk. I neeeeeed exercise. And fresh air. And out of this damned house.

My day is starting well, I've had my coffee and smoothie. Let's keep it on track until and through lunch, shall we? I am back to taking this hour by hour, meal by meal. I have sucked, strayed far off my path and I want to get back on it so it is time to re train my brain and my bod. Back to work. I still have a lot of it to do.

Okay, time to get my day started. Sunday... Can't help being lazy as shit on Sunday. :P


  1. I'm a huge fan of breaking a large daunting task into mini doable goals. Best of luck and have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I hope your head is feeling better today!

  3. Imitrex never worked that well for me - I had to experiment with a bunch of different migraine drugs before finding one that worked.

    The one that works best for me is Amerge. I find if I take it when I get the aura, I basically just get a bit of a headache, not really a full blown, vomitt-ey migraine.

    Good luck!


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