Friday, March 2, 2012

Ahhh... Coffee... Nectar of the Gods!

I am in the process of downing my third huge mug of the day. Maybe I'll get some energy and vibrate and be happy, now. Coffee rules. I don't care what anyone says.

So, doctor's visit went pretty well. I was freaking out over, it is pretty certain, nothing. I do have issues and I do need to see an ENT specialist but it is because of my constant nasal allergies wreaking havoc in my throat. I have pitting and swelling and irritation and my poor old tonsils are huge. So, things aren't happy in there. My doc gave me a 'script for a nasal steroid that should help. It should ease my constant nasal allergies, soothe my sinuses and even help with my horrible deep, dark circles. I have dark circles that no amount of corrector and concealer can cover. Apparently caused by my allergies. So, I should be feeling better, soon. And the ENT can do whatever needs to be done for my throat and tonsils and I will be feeling better for that, soon too. Yay.

I also talked to my doc about my headaches. I now have an official diagnosis of migraine and she gave me 'script for Imitrex. 50 mg. I am to take it when I get an aura and it should abort my headache. Boy, do I ever hope it works. I could use some pain free days.

My blood levels are good. My "bad cholesterol" is a tad high, but nothing to worry about, if I just get my ass back on track and get some consistent exercise. That is a good reason to get my shit together, no? Other than that, things are looking pretty good. So, once I get this throat issue solved, I will be a happier camper. But it looks as if I don't have any reason to freak out and I feel a huge sense of relief. *whew*

It is so chilly and incredibly windy, today. Brrr!!! But it is supposed to warm up really nicely, soon. Seventies by early week, then cool back into the sixties. I can live with that, fo shizz.

Hey, the first day of Spring is this month, kiddies! We also make the penultimate Ch. 13 payment, this month! Holy shit, this time, next month, it will almost all be done. Just the last payment and that last stupid legally mandated  class (Thanks a lot, George W. Bush. You asshole.) and then discharge and our four year long nightmare will finally be over. From start to finish, this Ch. 13 has taken nearly four long fucking years. Anyone who dares to say to my face that bankruptcy is an easy out will get a face full of my fist, I swear to God.

Okay, Erika. Remember your blood pressure. *zen* *breathe* *ooohmmmmmm*

Still loving my hair colour. I am going to strand test and see if I can safely push my length a little lighter and banish more of the dark gold and the light reddish/strawberry tones. But yeah,,, Loving being a blonde, again. It just feels so right, so me. I am all for having the hair, whatever that hair might be that makes us happy. So, if you are a blonde, a brunette, a redhead or pink or purple haired in your heart, do it. Seriously. Life is too fucking short to not love your hair. :D

Think I'll have some lunch. I'm hongry.


  1. I seriously am considering doing a few strands of mine pink. And you know what? I have CONSTANT sinus issues too and I'm certain it in no way helps the migraines and may cause them. We'll get well together.

    1. Ooo! You should. I think that you would look fabulous with pink streaks. :D

      I am hoping that the Imitrex and the allergy med will help with my migraines. :D

    2. I am thinking about getting some blue clip in extensions for when I am in the mood for something fun. Hell, I might get some in pink and purple, too. Yessss!

  2. Ahhh... Coffee... Nectar of the Gods!

    Your title alone... awesome. ;)


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