Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bob Harper; Hipster at Large

Anyone watch the busted up all over the place episode of The Biggest Loser last night? Did you get a load of Bob's getup at the weigh in? WTF? Really, Bob? bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I wasn't the biggest loser this week. Well, I was a loser but not the right kind of loser. :P gag

I am still working with Imitrex. I have used it three times, so far and it was somewhat successful, once. I took it the other night just as I got an aura and it stopped the worst of my headache. I slept really well, that night, had weird dreams and then the next afternoon I had a rebound that hit me without any warning and almost put me to bed. I don't know... *sigh* I'll keep up with it for a while, I think that some med need to be worked with a bit but so far, I am hardly impressed.

I am so ready for Spring. It is cooler, today. It was chilly, yesterday, there was zero humidity and so crazy windy that I feel dessicated, today.I feel as if I have been through a dehydrator and turned into fruit leather. Blech! I am drenching myself in oil and lotion and moisturizer and I am still dry as a cracker. I need warmer days and milder nights. Nao!

Okay, the Red Team and the Black Team are all a bunch of idiots. They can't see the danger right in front of them. They can't see that Conda worked them, that she is just out to protect her brother and that they have a plan to be one and two and to hell with the rest of them. None of them can see Conda's working both teams and none of them saw her smirking and grinning behind her hands, running to the other team to work her plan. They are all idiots and blinded by the "feeling of family" and she is sucking it all up like a vampire. They all deserve what they will get at her hands.

Anywhoozle. I have stuff to get done and had better get to it. 

Brekkie: Coffee and a protein and fruit smoothie.

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