Friday, June 3, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I spoke about shattering preconceived notions in my earlier post. And I got another one shattered, today. You see, I went shoe shopping. I decided to hit Sears, since they usually have a pretty good selection of athletic type shoes and they are all on sale, right now. So, in I went. I had decided that I needed Reebok walking shoes, size 10 wide. I walked out in a pair of New Balance size 10 medium running shoes. lol But they are so perfect. So comfortable and supportive. And I love how light they are and the bounce and forward thrust I get from them. And they aren't white. They are grey, silver and trimmed in pink. I love how they look. No more huge-ass white land yachts on the ends of my legs. I am determined not to wear the same pair of shoes for over ten years, anymore. From now on, I am getting new ones when I need them.

Now, if my frakking knee would just feel better. It is still sore but I can walk and shop and so forth with much less discomfort. I am going to continue to rest and pamper it for the rest of the weekend. I am hopeful that I will be out on the trails in my new shoes Monday afternoon. :D

I am going to get a rare weekend day to myself, tomorrow. William and Patrick are going down to the Valley with my BIL to see a ballgame at Chase Field. They got tickets for a luxury suite from William's employer and they are going to have a guy's day. They will watch the game in air conditioned splendor with comfy, padded chairs and all the food and drink they can stuff and guzzle. Patrick will love that. He can eat himself into a coma. lol The last time they saw a game in a suite was about five years ago. So this will be fun for the boyz. And here at home it will just be me and the furbags. Ahhh... Peace. :)

Oh! Remember the neighbours I was bitching about? He of the big, loud mouth and both of them of the obnoxious cigarette smoke? Well, she got transferred and they have moved out! They loaded up the last of their shit today and they are gone! Yay! At least I think they are gone... They left two outdoor chairs out on their front deck. I am hoping that they just left them behind and that it doesn't mean that they are coming back for any time. They aren't bad people and I could even live with his loud mouth but the smoke... Yuk! I am over it and happy to not have my house filled with it, all the time.

I am so pissed, I broke a nail while I was shoe shopping, today. I got careless, lacing on what felt like my thousandth pair and took a chunk out of my left thumbnail. Shit! And I had my nails at the perfect length for me, they were shaped just as I like them and I had no patches. Now this. *sigh* So I will be filing all of my nails down and growing them all out, again. Bleargh!

Oh well. They'll grow.

Okay, I guess I am about yapped out.


  1. I love reading BYOC. It always makes me feel like there are others out there who are like me in ways. Yay to going to medium width! I still take a wide width and have since I was a kid. I mean I can wear mediums but my feet always hurt so much that I will get a wide if it is offered. So glad you have a Saturday to yourself and I expect you to pamper yourself as much as you can! You deserve it; you are one hard-working wife and mom.

  2. Hey there! I hope your knee feels better soon. Spoil yourself while the boys are at the game! :)

  3. Erika, I'm so glad you got the new walking shoes. I'm sure you will have less problems with your knees now that you have some support and cushion.

    I'm sorry about the nail. I have chipped the thumb nail on my right hand because I did something stupid but my natural nail underneath is okay. It was the acrylic that chipped. I will have to wait until Thursday to get it repaired.

    Happy Walking!

  4. Hi Erika! I gave you the Adorable Blog Award over at my place. Thanks for being so darn adorable and having such an asorable blog. You're one of my favs!

  5. Yay on the shoes - I'm a 10 too and love New Balance for their light-weight-ness. Love that you get the day alone and double YAY on the no smoking neighbors now! YES

  6. I know exactly which NB shoes you're talking about! I nearly got the same ones but with the lime green trim rather than pink. I ended up with the cross trainers though because I want to use them for Zumba and they have more side - side stability rather than a walking or running shoe that is meant to propel you forward. Keep baby'ing that knee girl, then hit the trails with new shoes (and vigor!) on Monday. Enjoy the alone time without the boys!

  7. Yea on the shoes. I'm bad about keeping the same shoes for WAY too long. I need a new walking pair too, mine hurt the soles of my feet when I walk too much. Well, I want to walk more so clearly new shoes are in order. You just convinced me, it's going on my to-do list. Thank you!

  8. Hey Erika
    I love your blog and how motivational and inspirational you are. Hope you had a great Saturday to yourself, those kinds of days are always good :)
    I have awarded you The Adorable Blog Award cause I think you are so darn adorable and just love your blog!! Check out my blog to get the award. Keep on bein you!


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