Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

Just in case you are in the mood for a little Moody Blues. :D

It is a nice, warm afternoon. It is 87, right now. Probably top out right around 90. Thankful for air conditioning, I am. It isn't too bad in here, right now but later in the afternoon when the sun swings over, our windows that face full West will enable Old Sol to heat this place up like a brick pizza oven. (Mmmm... Brick oven pizza... *drool*)

Where was I?


I have had the headache from hell for two days, now. I am so ready for this one to abate. I had bad stabbies, last night. I was cutting out coupons and chatting with Patrick when they hit and nearly knocked me off my sofa. All I can do when the stabbies come is drop whatever I am doing, grab my head and try to breathe and stay alive. Thankfully, they don't last a long time. I usually get one or two episodes lasting one to three minutes. Sometimes three. They hit in rapid succession and are over then for a while. I never know when they are going to hit and I can't do anything to stop them. I do know that they usually hit when my headache is especially powerful and concentrated in the area above my right temple. But other than that, I have no control.

So yeah... Ready for this one to go buh-bye. I have had enough fun with this round, fo shizz. I probably have another three days or so then it should taper off a bit. Bleargh.

Okay, 'nuff of that shit.

Yesterday. Yesterday I had an encounter with a box of oyster crackers. I did manage to stop myself before I polished off the box. Or even half if it, amazingly enough. Still... Not good.

Today is going really well, I am dedicating myself to drinking more water, again. I had slacked off for a while, only getting in about two quarts a day. But I am making an effort to do better, again. I really do feel better when I drink more. I have a one quart stainless steel water bottle that I try to drink to empty four or five times in a day. It really isn't that hard. I just need to stop being an idiot and do it.

Just like I need to stop being an idiot and stay out of the fucking oyster crackers. I know what triggered that particular little episode. Light clam chowder. Methinks it is time to stop letting light clam chowder into my house for a while. I don't like it eat it without crackers and I can't stop myself at the proper serving so I need to not have the chowdah.

I am becoming more aware of my triggers, lately. I was just cruising along and not giving them too much thought but I need to. I need to learn more about how my head works, how something that, in and of it's self is perfectly acceptable to eat can be unacceptable because it is a trigger to eat something I shouldn't. I think that pinning that down will help me to be even more aware, mindful and make it possible for me to keep myself more solidly on track.

Geeze! Who forgot to tell me that this was going to be so damned much work? lolol But, in the long run it will be worth it. I need to know how to manage my food, not just for the short term but over the course of my lifetime. This is for ever, chickens. I am not "just on a diet". I am dieting, now to learn to be a healthy weight for the rest of my life.

And I would like that life to be as long as possible. I am kind of beginning to enjoy it, for a change. :)

Leafy One, I don't walk around nakie, either. lol I just like knowing that my ass is golden, rather than pasty white under whatever I am wearing. :D

Okay, I need to wrap this natter up. I am beginning to bore myself and my head is doing that brain pulse thing I love sooo much. (Not stabbies, this is the whoomp-whoomp-whoomp in time to my beating heart. Fun.)

Later, gators.

Geeze, I hate finding typos after I publish my post! I have to go back and edit as many times as it takes. Because you know I can't find the fucking things when I do my pre publish read through. They hide. That is all I can think of. They hide and like to pop out after the fact to drive me crazy and make me work too hard.

Stupid typos.

Or is it, stupid me? lol


  1. headache suck big time. I know I have those darn cluster headaches and migraines before/during my period.
    Trigger foods, wish I could hate them. You're doing good. Just keep recognizing and learning and you'll have it all down pat.
    Keep up the great work. God bless!!

  2. We're twins today - and not in a good way. Two pain pills later and finally my migraine is gone. DAmmit. Do you know what causes yours? What do you take for yours? I hate that you are in so much pain.

    And Jesus Mary and Bart - aren't oyster crackers the bomb? Perfect little bite sized snacks from Satan. I can eat a whole bag.

  3. I have the same issues with the typos, annoying isn't it? I think with me, the problem is that I don't do a read through before I publish. After I publish, I read through. (I hope this doesn't mean I like the sound of my own voice!! LOL) Hoping today that banger is gone. I hate migraines and fortunately it has been a bit of a while since I've had one. I find ice really helps a wee bit too. Usually at least enough for me to fall asleep when coupled with meds.

  4. I completely agree about the oyster crackers. They are truly the devil. : ) Yumm o and so good in chow-dah!

    Hope you're head is doing better today - I don't get migraines, but I do have this pain occasionally that climbs up the back of my neck. It's totally stress related in my case.

  5. I get the Whoomp-whoomp's all the time. They suck.


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