Friday, June 24, 2011

I should...

I should do housework.

But I am sitting here, playing on my puter and watching TV.

I should take a shower, do my face and hair.

But I am sitting here, playing on my puter and watching TV.

I should do some laundry.

Which I will probably get to in a bit...


After I take a little more time to play on my puter and watch TV.

Apathetic, much?

I am just not feeling today. My head is still hungover from last night's horror show. I am feeling a little blue and I just feel like chilling. So I think I will. Nothing wrong with that, I think. Maybe I just need that. A stupidly lazy day. Hell... Maybe I won't even make my bed.

I am just going to close all of the blinds and fire up the air. I think that will help my aching head and I feel like hiding.

Okay, so I guess that is all I have, for now.


  1. We all need a lazy day. Take care of that head and feel better!

  2. We're having the same day!!!! Except that I'm embracing it (wallowing in it?). I just posted about it. This is MY day. I get to do what ever I want and not do whatever I don't want to. At least until 3 when "grandmommy" leaves and I have to parent again.
    I say enjoy the t.v. and computer.

  3. Oh boy, darlin'. I hope you were able to relax away that danged headbanger. Hoping today finds you feeling more chipper. Hoping all is well, too.

  4. If you get up off the computer chair and do some exercise, I bet you'll perk right up. Arent those just the words you want to hear? ;) Have a good one!

  5. I hope you're feeling better soon - but I think a little apathy is a fine thing every now and again!

  6. Hope you're feeling more like yourself today.

  7. Hi! I hope today is better for you. I read that you got a lot done. :)

    And, I have just discovered that you have this blog too. Wow, I love this one as well! :)


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