Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday. Muggy. Hot.


So, how'z everyone this fine morning? I am okay. Not as funked out. Not so blue. My head is down to a Cat 1 for a change and I am out of hiding and I actually feel like blogging a little. Tho I don't really have all that much to talk about. Go figure. :p Life is boring. My life is really, really boring. The guys have left for their jobs, leaving me and furry ones home alone. Thank you Lord!!! Patrick was off, yesterday and it threw off my entire rhythm. lol

So, yeah. It is morning, I am drinking coffee and plotting murder what I am going to do, today. I actually don't have a whole lot I have to do. I worked my ass off around here, yesterday and the place looks pretty respectable. I can be a sloth, if I want. All I really need to do is run the duster, vacuum and make my bed. I can live with that. :D

I am still trying to eat right. *sigh* What the fuck is my malfunction, I ask you? (Not literally... You know what I mean.) I do really well, then I do not so well. It all adds up to maintaining my weight. No gain. (Thank God!) But no loss. I mean... I have lost, what? Thirteen pounds since January? Say whaaaaaat? Not exactly what I set out to do, here. I had expected to have nearly another fifty off by this time. And my doctor's appointment is on August second. She will no doubt be pleased that I haven't gained anything but dammit! I am so mad at myself. So pissed off at my weirdness and inability to just stay on track.

I am not binging. I am just eating stupid things, like some chips here, too much popcorn, there. Too much food at a meal. Healthy food still has calories and too many calories is too many calories. I know this. I know it when I do it. I know that I don't want to. I know that it isn't doing me any favours. Some days are diamonds. I do really well, some days. Some days are shit.

I need more diamonds. Less shit.

Yesterday? Diamonds. I need to build on that.

I am so sick of whining about this. I need to just get my head out of my ass and do it.

It wouldn't hurt to get my ass out and walk again, either. I miss my exercise. It has been so hot that I end up just chilling under the air vents. I am such a lazy slag.

It is all my own frakking fault that my jeans still fit the same way that they have for so long now.

I am thinking oatmeal for brekkie. Who's with me?

Make it a good, on track day, kiddies. I plan to. :D


  1. Mmmm oatmeal. I really like the hearty steel cut oats. Especially with craisins. I haven't had it in a while though - with my AM workouts I'm trying to have protein for breakfast. Just build on your diamonds Erika, that's all you can do. Get a walk in today even if it's only for a little while. Take a bottle of water with you and just get out there for a bit. It's hot, but the AC will feel EVEN better when you get home.

  2. More diamonds is ALWAYS a good thing. Get out and walk hun - even just if it's in the driveway - it'll make you feel better mentally and physically. You gotta use them fancy new shoes! Love you!

  3. Lazy slag? You? Never! Me? All of the time. Thank God for Michael who will do what I need doing. Danged fibromyalgia and fatigue. Glad the headache has abated somewhat though. Hope today is another good one for you, sweetie.

  4. If you're still a fellow Android user, you can download an app called "wwdiary" by canofsleep. It's free and I love it. I find that if I don't change my dieting routine I get bored, so maybe a plan change could help you out.

  5. For me, exercising goes hand-in-hand with staying on track food-wise, meaning when I am more active, the less tempted I am to snack or eat as much junk food to satisfy cravings that exercise can help fulfil. It's totally normal to struggle, and I too am kicking myself a little for slacking, but it's a long process, and a difficult one. Power to you to get moving as much as you can, and hopefully the food will come back into line shortly thereafter.


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