Friday, June 17, 2011

Poor Neglected Blog, I Fucked Up My Header! and BYOC

So, I just noticed I got the order of my mantra wrong on my header. And it is driving me crazy. I want to rip it down, take it back to Paint and fix it and I am not going to. For now, anyway. I need to learn to not allow little things like this to bother me so much. But the perfectionist in me is in a tizzy.

I am in a foul mood, today.

I have been neglecting my poor blog. It isn't deliberate. I just... Have trouble writing. Things I want to talk about don't form and things I don't have intention of discussing here run endlessly through my head. I have started so. many. damned. entries and written a paragraph, two or fifteen and hit the back button. I write a bit, I panic and I run like a squirrel being chased by a slavering dog. I get like this, sometimes. I'll get over it. Trust me. Then I will be back to driving you all insane with my constant random nattering. :P

Did I mention that I am in a foul mood, today? I am in such a bad mood that I am pouting, I am not going to shower (don't worry, I am not gross... I took one last night before I went to bed, last night) I am not going to put any makeup on and I am not going to talk to anyone. I am, however determined to have another good day. I have had more good than bad, this week. Go me. *pffffft!* Every day should be a good one. I know this. Working on it.

Okay, howz about a little BYOC? Oh, and before I forget, Draz, your feathers are fab. I can't wait to see your blue ones. :D

1. Do you make your bed every day? Tell us about or show us a picture of your bed comforter?

I do make my bed, every day. It is an ingrained habit, from my earliest childhood. My bed isn't made, at the moment because I need to wash my sheets, so that is waiting to be done. Otherwise, yeah... My day doesn't start until my featherbed is rotated and fluffed to perfection, my sheets smooth and just as I like them and turned perfectly over the top of my blanket and quilt, pillows fluffed just so and stacked as I like them.

No, I am not going to show a pic. Sorry. :P Maybe when (if) I get a chance to get bedding I am proud to show off. 

2. Johnny Cash or Elvis? Thin crust pizza or deep dish? Coke or Pepsi? Beer or wine or neither?

Neither. I don't care for Country music in the least and Elvis is just frakking annoying on any level. 

If I am going to do pizza, (solidly in my No Fly Zone, at present!!!) it needs to be deep dish or  at least thick crust. Pepperoni, olives, mushrooms (extra mushrooms, please!) onions and extra cheese. Light on the sauce. Or pineapple and Canadian bacon. 

Great, now I want to call Pizza Hut. They deliver. Gah! Thanks a lot, Draz. :P

Ooops! Missed one! Pepsi, definitely. With lots and lots of ice, please. (If I drink a regular soda, which happens once or twice a year. Maybe.) Coke is gross. I seriously can't stand the taste of that stuff. 

No beer for me, thankyouverymuch. The only time I ever drink the stuff is when I am shooting pool. It has to be Coors Light in a long neck bottle, ice, ice, ice cold. I sip at it and as soon as the temp rises the least little bit, I have to chuck it and get a new one that fits the aforementioned requirements.  Otherwise, it is wine. I prefer white to red. Preferably sparkling. I like the bubbles to tickle my beak. And yes, I am one of those disgusting people who likes sweeter  wines, still or sparkling. 

3. I recently went through my list of blogs I follow and was at my limit so I unfollowed bloggers who haven’t blogged in at least 6 months. I want to start following some more new blogs. Who’s your fave lately? Funniest? Most inspiring? Can you link them for me??

Sorry, I am blog sucking, right now. But I know what you mean about having to take care of my blogroll. I need to do that here and over at my Nail Parlour. I hate to bounce anyone off my blogroll, I always hope that they will start posting, again. But there comes a time when I have to harden my heart and clear some away. If I see that they are popping up on other blogs, tho I will go ahead and add them back. :)

4. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Already did. ;)

It's getting hot in here. I think I'll go fire up my A/C. And I have to pee like a racehorse. Did you know that if you take more Biotin than your body needs you pee bright, almost fluorescent green pee? True story. 

I am going to kill that asshole with the drums. 


  1. I love that you have a feather bed. I should get one, but hubby is a freaking nuclear plant when he's sleeping and I'm certain all the lovely feathers would get mashed and nasty. I just got sad over that.

    I also agree Coke is gross, but then I think Pepsi is too. Not a fan of drinking calories at all. Though I loves (and miss due to band) my Dt Coke.

    Hope your mood improves Erika, for your sake. I absolutely love your posts, bad moody and all. /nod

  2. hope today gets better for you!

  3. I MISSED YOU. I seriously was worried - we promised to write EVERY day and you didn't and my heart hurts when yours does. How's that for a guilt trip. Lots of ice - my kind of girl. And I knew you'd like my feathers - your gorgeous long hair would look so cute with feathers! And sorry about the pizza. Can you tell what I was thinking about. Erika - write what is on your mind...we won't let you down or judge and it's good for you in your journey...I'm always here for you.

  4. I agree with Draz. I think you would look lovely with some feathers in your hair. I have hella short hair so it would not work in mine but they do appeal to me.

  5. dude, I am right there with blogging. I just haven't been able to do it lately. I like pepsi no coke. although the only diet drink I do is diet coke and diet root beer. I like thin crust and the right sauce is paramount. I like brick oven italian style pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil and sun dried tomatoes. YOu couldn't crowbar a beer down me. blech. And Johnny Cash ain't country...he's just cool. lol

  6. oh, and I love your header...I never would have known. lol.

  7. Ah dear...Who doesn't have a sucky day now and again. You know me...I have week long stints of 'em! I too am a perfectionist and things niggle away at me until I fix them. Learning not to stew over such things? Ok yeah. How??? I suspect that is one of the many things that will never change within myself. Hoping today finds you feeling much better, sweetie.


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