Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Dog! It's a Crocodile!

Turn on your speakers! Click play! Awesomeness! 

Is it January or is it March? I have to ask because right at this moment, I have no idea. As long as it isn't snowing, you aren't going to hear me bitch and moan about it. I do feel that we should get some precip, tho because fire season is going to be a bitch, otherwise.

Larry the Cable Guy is an insult to all people who work for cable companies, everywhere. Just saying.

So, good day, today. The last couple weren't so much. I didn't blow it too bad but didn't hold my target range and I am so pissed at myself. Man, I should have this shit in the bag, have it so under control. I should be sailing. Why am I struggling? Why am I still trying to get it out of first gear? I suppose I'll know when I fugure it out. *pfffft!* I suck.

This time last year, I was sailing along on a cloud of fabulous and this? I am stuck in the mud and questioning everything. Myself, most of all. I don't know. I do know that it is bullshit. And that I need to pull and keep my head out of my ass because just yammering about it isn't getting the job done. To do that I actually have to frakking do. It. Yep. That one bears repeating. I just have to frakking do it. Yes, spell check, frakking is so a word! So stick that in your dictionary and smoke it.

Stupid Firefox spell check, anyway. Did you know that it doesn't work in the title box? How ass up dumb is that, I ask you?

I think that exercise would help. Hmmm? And why the hell am I wasting all of this perfect for walking weather? I don't know. Again. Time to get my head out of my ass and just do it.

My dog thinks that she is a crocodile. Really, she does. The other night, I was sitting here, chowing on dinner and Sabryna was doing the mooch thing. Marley was over by the dining table (yes, we eat in the living room. We are horrible people.) and he must have made a move as if he were thinking about coming in this direction, thus possibly coming between Sabryna and whatever prime tidbit I would toss to her, next. That stiff old woman who can just make it around, most days wheeled on her hind legs, like a streak was across the room (granted, it isn't a large room, this condo is tiny) and on that cat, jaws snapping like a crocodile. Marley took off, shot across the room, went behind my sofa, then came out the other end and huddled in a ball, over by the fireplace where Sabryna couldn't get to him. And he stayed there for more than an hour.

Damn cat just never learns.

I found the best doo-dad for smoothing my feet! I was in Bed Bath and Beyond just after Christmas and in the very tiny, in my local store, beauty section was this thing called Silk Feet. It is a flexible sanding grit (120) mesh oval banded with soft plastic. It is super mouldable to your feet and it works a regular treat. I have feet from hell. Seriously. I have to keep lotion and Vaseline and socks on all of the time or my feet go from feet to nasty, hard, hooves.

I don't know anyone who can get a dry skin buildup on their feet like I can. And I have used just about every kind of smoothing contraption you can think of. Ped-Egg. Metal foot files. Foot files with diamond. Sandpaper kind. Super grit stone. Pumice. Scrubs. This little gadget trumps them all. It is easy to use. Comfortable. It really works and, unlike Ped-Egg or other files, leaves my skin smooth, not abraded and rough. Best seven bucks I ever spent and the moment it starts feeling a little worn down, I am back in there to get me another one. I use that Silk Feet and  then put on lotion and Vaseline and socks and my feet are so much better. I may actually wear sandals, this Summer. :D

I received my Book of Shadows palette in the mail on Saturday. Oh, golly! It's lovely. And the shadows are splendid. Almost all of them are velvety, silky and beautifully pigmented.  I am not too wild about a couple, especially Midnight Rodeo. Too glittery, even for me. But overall, I am tickled pink with it and I am so glad that I splurged on it.

I also, the other day went into CVS. I was after cotton rounds. Nothing else. Just cotton rounds. Yeah. Right. Out I came with my cotton rounds, five new eye shadows and a lipstick. I had to get three of the new Loreal Infallible shadows (now I want more colours! They are faaaaabulous!), two of the Maybelline Color Tattoo creme shadows, (like them too... Surprising, since I don't usually like maybelline makeup in the least. Need more colours) and a beautiful Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Crimson. Hey, that was on clearance and I have been searching all season for my perfect red lipstick. And I think that I finally found it! And wouldn't you know... It is a now discontinued shade! Just my luck! lol No worries. I don't wear red lipstick all of the time, so this tube should last me a while.

I didn't buy any polish, that day. Weird. Must have had a temporary fever. William was surprised. I came out to the car with my little bag of goodies and showed him what I got, swatched the Loreal shadows on my hand (don't tell me you never swatch your new goodies in the car! I won't believe you. lolol) and William asked me, "What, no polish?" Nope. Not that trip. :D

Okay, I guess that is all I have to yap about, right now. My head is down to a dull roar, finally. Thank. God. I was getting a little desperate, there for a while. I actually took something to try to dull it a bit. I always hesitate to take anything for my head because I pay for the slight, temporary relief with a hella rebound.

I could go for a nice, dry vodka martini, right now. Ice cold, straight up, desert dry, three olives. *slurp!*


  1. Silk feet, huh? My feet get dry like that around this time of year too. I might have to take a little field trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. (I love that store, so this can be another excuse to spend hours in there once again.)

  2. Your makeup haul sounds awesome! Felt like a martini after reading your post :)


  3. um where are the pictures of the goodies??? hmph! lol


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