Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Night

I really need to shut my puter down and get downstairs, wash my face and hit the hay. I'm tired and I am in need of a good night's sleep. I kept waking up, last night and my sleep was fitful. Blech. I hate nights like that. I seem to be in a shitty sleep phase. I may take a little something to help me get a solid night of sleep because right now I am feeling a little mental from the lack of it.

Had a pretty good day, food wise. I went just over 1500. I was planning to come in a little lower but, popcorn happened. Better than the chips that I have been gulping, lately. Yep. Yep. We won't discuss my ice cream phase. Oh, no siree. Suffice it to say, no sugar free ice cream (I won't touch the stuff with sugar in it) is allowed in this house. Under any circumstances. I can't be trusted around that stuff.

I need to change my polish. Tomorrow is Wednesday so I think I will do pink. :D

Okay. I really need to run. This makeup isn't going to clean it's self off. Would that it could. :P

I think that I can live with my blog for a while, now. I should just put together something I really love and leave it alone. Yeah. Riiiight. That'll happen.


  1. and suddenly it's wednesday.



  2. I could have written this! Yesterday I was running on far too little sleep since I woke up at 3:20 and could not go back to sleep. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with this house. I was kind of in a fog and the seven point bag of popcorn called to me mid morning (and other things I would have passed on if I had been clear headed).

    I did go over on calories/points yesterday but I can adjust and get things in line by week end. Oh, and I threw the last bag of popcorn into the garbage. I need to purchase the snack sized bags. :)

  3. No worries. I was so tired last night, I forgot to wash my mug. Makeup was a B to take off this morning! Ugh...

  4. I painted my nails on wednesday too! I did Chinchilla by Essie (a muted grey color).

    Hope you have a fantastic week and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)


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