Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My frakking new shoes gave me blisters. Gah! They were so comfy, yesterday. After three miles-ish, today my poor feet are all beat to shit. I know that I need to adjust and break them in but, geeze! All I can say is that it had better happen soon. Ow!

Hobbling around sucks big green donkey dicks.
At least I got in a good walk, today. I left the guyz in the dust. And the hard uphills on Kickass are not as hard as they used to be. Pushing hard feels good (I wonder how many one handed surfers will be lured to my blog by that sentence? Lol) and I just need to keep it up. It has been a while since I walked on a regular basis and I am paying for my sloth. :P

Food and water were good. I did kind of go a little nuts on some cheese popcorn... But cals burned on the trails earned it. However, I can't make a habit of eating my burned calories. I need those burns to put the crop to the ass of my weight loss.

Yeah... I can just imagine the search phrases that will lead new "readers" here. Hee hee.

I am typing this on my phone. My keyboard drives me fucking nuts, my 3G phone is slower than molassas, half the time entries posted from my phone don't go through. Shit! These keys!!! Gah!!! I want a new phone. One that can actually keep up with me. And doesn't lag when am playing Angry Birds.

Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

Oh! I took the obligatory sweaty picture fresh off the trail with my phone on our way home, today. When did I turn into such a Jurrassic fleshbag? I don't see it when I look in the mirror... I guess the camera doesn't lie. The arm and shoulder behind me is Patrick, the road is Willow Lake Road. Sorry it is blurry. Phone pics in a moving vehicle with a horrible, rough ride are hard to take. :)

Wish me luck that this posts.


  1. Hah...Missed a post. I've had heat stroke and it isn't fun. Just found out Saturday that when that happens one should go to the doc's or ER stat! Of course I didn't. Anyway, you look so cute! Love that photo of you. I never look that good on my best day. Back away from the cheese popcorn my friend.

  2. You're looking fantastic Erika, was wondering when you'd be posting some photos again! Kepp up your amazing work!!!

  3. Funny little post. I got new shoes and they did the same thing to me, it does hurt but the pain is temporary. Break them in and they'll fit like a glove!!!!

  4. Been there, done that with the shoes. I have a brand new pair that I can't even put on without them rubbing raw places on my feet. It hurts to even take a step. The look really nice but no way this chic will be wearing them. They are Bass sandals too. I will have to find a way to soften the leather if I ever plan to wear them. Good for you on a great workout. You are inspiring me to get off my ass and move. I am hoping today will be the day I actually get ON the treadmill and walk instead of just thinking about it. Hugs.

  5. Even sweaty, you look fantastic!

    Boo to shoe blisters. I am rocking one on my little toe right now from a pair of shoes that my feet have shrunk out of. *sigh* That means more shoe shopping. Oh well! :)

  6. You are glowing in that picture and I love it!

  7. You look wonderful!! All nice and healthy like!

    Sorry about your shoes tho.. I hope they break in soon!

  8. Seriously - I saw this at work and couldn't comment but I was thinking - JESUS YOU ARE STUNNING. Who looks that good working out? AND? Look at the collarbones! I love you.


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