Saturday, July 23, 2011

Headbangers and Mash

My stupid head is bad, today. In fact, in the last month or so, my headaches have ramped up. A lot. They are hitting me more frequently and they last longer and they hurt more. Glargh! I think it is a combination of my idiotic snacking, not getting as much water, the heat and the fact that I haven't been taking Aleve for my hips and knees, lately.

Good reason to stay on track. And get all of my water, like a good girl. Ice Queen (no, I am not an egomaniac referring to myself in the third person, now... Promise! lol) has been playing Frost Princess (my inner lizard) lately and it is annoying. Frost Princess is, I believe aptly named. Like frost, her resolve is hard, cold, firm against all comers. Then the sun comes up and she melts at the touch of the rays of our star. I have been like that. I start my day resolved, strong and ready to rock and roll. Come afternoon, I am diving into toast or ships or popcorn. Gah!

Frost Princess has had me cowering in a corner, rocking and crying like a pussy. And it needs to stop. I am certainly stronger than that shit. And my Dragon, (my inner strength and fire) is certainly far, far more powerful. Time to keep that power going and take the little bitch, Frost Princess down.

Today is going well, so far. I have to survive the stretch between two and five this afternoon and I will be fine as frog's hair. That afternoon slump has been kicking my ass hard, lately. And is the biggest reason for my slllooooooow weight loss, lately.

I should be at least fifty pounds lighter than I am, right now. Fifty.

I suck.

I am thinking of making mashed cauliflower to go with my dinner, tonight. Chicken is on the menu. :)

In other news, it is hotter and more humid than the devil's ass crack, today. The clouds are building up fast, towers are going up and the air feels as if it is vibrating. I have a tension inside that is waiting for something to break. Whether that will be a storm or my brain, I have yet to learn.

A good thunder boomer with lots and lots of slashing rain would suit me just fine, thankyouverymuch. :D

I am off to locate me lunch. I am not sure what I want... Soup? Salad? Tuna? I dunno... I'll figure it out when I hit my kitchen.


  1. Hope you feel better! My sinuses have been really bad!

  2. Illinois has had rain all around us but we just get a wee bit of lightening and a few scattered drops...once. So stupidly hot and humid here that its miserable. Add to it my allergies are in overdrive (eyes swollen and gunky, sinuses playing with the idea of giving me a headache) and I could stand to drop 50 lbs. myself. I'm feeling you, sister. Hope your Sunday is better.

  3. I feel you on this fucking heat and on the crazy increased headaches :(

    Let's commiserate.

    My biggest problem with drinking water in this heat is that I am usually out with the kids at a pool and we don't have COLD water which is the only way I can drink it.

  4. Make an eating plan and stick to it. Every Sunday plan out the week, make sure you have the goods on hand and go from there. That way you don't spend so much time thinking about it, it's just a done deal and keeps you on track. Best of luck, here's to a good week!


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