Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, Muggy Sunday

So... How is your Sunday?

Mine is fine. I am trying to stay cool and survive the humidity. Blech! Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

I have had my coffee, brekkie and I am slurping water like a mad woman. My dishwasher is running, Patrick is at work, William is on the sofa drowsing and hogging the remote, Sabryna is sprawled all over the floor trying to stay cool and Marley is somewhere around here, probably downstairs on my bed snoozing. And here I sit. I have to shower and get myself pulled together. I want to do a Fourth of July manicure. I should make my bed. After I shag the cat off of it.

But here I sit.

I think I'd rather read blogs and hang out. I can do all that other stuff later. It isn't as if I have to be anywhere. And it isn't as if anyone gives a hot shit if I don't make my bed, right this moment. So, I am going to sit here, slurp water and read blogs for a while. Then I will get to the rest of it. Hell, maybe I'll skip makeup, today. William doesn't look at me and my pets could care less whether or not my face is all painted up.

Let's see. What else is going on?


See? Boring. :p


  1. Your day sounds perfect - no makeup and vegging out. That's what I hope to do tomorrow!

  2. Yep, I had to clean the house and do laundry today. Your no makeup day is making me quite jealous. Enjoy dear.

  3. I think there are times when boring is a good thing.


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